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Two Scottish Distilleries Ditch Oil In Bid To Cut Costs And Emissions

Ian MacMillan, Bladnoch Distillery

In a move to break their dependency on costly and inefficient oil heating, two more Scotch whisky distilleries have committed to switching their processes to run on cleaner LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) from leading supplier Flogas Britain. Similar projects have seen distilleries reduce their annual carbon emissions by more than 18%.

Both Ben Nevis Distillery in Fort William and Bladnoch Distillery in Newton Stewart have signed contracts with Flogas to overhaul their existing oil-fired distillery heating systems, and replace them with more modern, efficient LPG alternatives. They will also benefit from ongoing delivery of a reliable, cost-effective LPG fuel supply from Flogas to help meet their considerable energy needs.

Michael Ridpeath, Distillery Manager at Ben Nevis Distillery, says: “We’re one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland, and being nestled at the foot of Ben Nevis means a conventional mains energy supply just isn’t an option for us. We’ve been relying on oil to heat our stills, but it’s well known for being a dirty and costly fuel, so we’ve asked Flogas to replace our whole heating system with an LPG alternative. It’s set to boost our carbon credentials as a business and makes real long-term sense for us – we’re very much looking forward to seeing good results for years to come.”

Ian MacMillan, Master Distiller & Blender at Bladnoch Distillery, says: “Bladnoch has a rich history dating back to 1817, but had ceased production for several years before being taken into new ownership and restored to its former glory. Part of this restoration was about returning to traditional production methods, becoming much more efficient and environmentally aware – and our new LPG heating system will help fuel these, whilst also managing our environmental impact. With Flogas supply, we’ll benefit from a smaller carbon footprint and all the convenience of a fuel we can rely on.”

Flogas has more than 30 years’ experience helping off- and on-grid businesses meet their energy needs. As well as operating more depots than any other UK LPG supplier, it also provides LNG (liquefied natural gas) for large-scale heating and transport, and mains gas for small and medium businesses nationwide.

Stacey Morgan, Sales & Marketing Director at Flogas, concludes: “Whisky distilling is an energy-intensive process, so distillery owners across Scotland are faced with the same challenge: how to meet their heating requirements whilst keeping emissions and costs down. We’re very pleased to be helping Ben Nevis and Bladnoch do just that, as they join the increasing number of off-grid distilleries making the switch from oil to Flogas LPG. With recent projects delivering annual savings of up to 19% on CO2 emissions and up to 20% on fuel bills, the benefits speak for themselves – and it’s easy to see why distilling has become such a growth area for us.”

For more information on Flogas’ energy solutions offering please visit http://www.flogas.co.uk

The Winning Formula: Antica Formula Launches Cocktail Competition

Antica Formula cocktails
Bartenders from across the UK will put their mixology skills to the test in a cocktail competition showcasing the versatility of Antica Formula, the original Italian vermouth.
At stake is the chance for four regional winners to enjoy an exclusive VIP trip to Milan to visit the Fratelli Branca Distillery, where Antica Formula is still made to the original 1786 recipe.

With Antica Formula a key ingredient in three much-loved cocktails – the Negroni, Americano, and Hanky Panky – entrants will need to demonstrate their knowledge of the heritage and character of the iconic red vermouth.

UK distributor Hi-Spirits is inviting bartenders to create their own aperitivo recipe based on one of the four classics. The drink must either feature on the cocktail menu or as a special at their bar. The shortlisted finalists will be invited to compete at four regional events in Scotland, London, the North West and the Midlands, where they will be asked to:

• Make three of their chosen cocktail from the Negroni, Americano and Hanky Panky; the drinks will be made individually and contestants judged on consistency;
• Make the cocktail which they originally submitted to the competition.
The four regional contests will be decided by a panel of judge headed by Nicola Branca, world ambassador for Antica Formula. Judges will be awarding points for drinks that reflect the tradition and strengths of Antica Formula, as well as the contestants’ technical skills.

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: “Antica Formula is at the heart of some of the world’s best-loved cocktails. We’re not only inviting the UK’s top bartenders to show that they can make the classics expertly and consistently, but also that they have the skill and ingenuity to create an aperitivo of their own as a twist one of these great cocktails.”

The competition opens on 1 May, and entrants have until 31 July to enter their aperitivo recipe online at http://www.Hi-Spirits.com/competitions, where full terms and conditions can be found. The regional finals will be held between 4 and 8 September, with the winners heading to Milan later in September.

• Antica Formula is the classic Italian red Vermouth, sweet and with a subtle vanilla aroma. It was created by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, the inventor of the Vermouth category, in 1786. Made by Fratelli Branca Distillerie with a selected infusion of mountain herbs and spices, including saffron, Antica Formula is produced in limited quantities and sealed with a cork in a distinctive brown bottle which includes a reproduction of the original 1786 label. As well as an essential ingredient in many classic cocktail, Antica Formula is ideal to drink over ice with an orange wedge, both as an aperitivo or after dinner.

For more information, contact Hi-Spirits on 01932 252 100, email info@hi-spirits.com, or visit http://www.hi-spirits.com.

The Science of Staritsky & Levitsky Cocktail Competition Launches

H2O Advert
Staritsky & Levitsky premium vodka and award-winning UK importer Emporia Brands are proud to launch the Science of Staritsky & Levitsky as part of their ongoing campaign of H20 Cocktails, launched in 2016.

Launching in partnership with the UKBG (United Kingdom Bartenders Guild), Brand Manager Matthew Dakers is asking for budding bartenders from across the UK to create a unique serve, with a recipe that contains the elements of solid, liquid and gas. Entries are open now and will continue to be accepted until 12th May. The judging panel will select competitors from the submitted entries and invite them down to the final in London on May 22nd 2017.

To qualify, the venue must stock Staritsky & Levitsky vodka, and the recipe to use a minimum of 25ml Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve vodka as the base ingredient. The winning bartender will win themselves a Rotovap for use within their venue.

Inspiration behind their recipe is also needed. Staritsky & Levitsky was founded by a group of vodka enthusiasts, passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of the vodka production, so vital to the Science of Staritsky & Levitsky campaign.

For full rules and how to enter, please see the below or speak to either Matthew Dakers (matthew@emporiabrands.com) or a local Emporia Brands representative found at http://www.emporiabrands.com/contact




Please send you recipes to vicepresident@ukbartendersguild.co.uk

  • Ingredients can be measured using a measuring cup/jigger or free poured.
  • Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve will be provided for the final.
  • All other ingredients to be supplied by competitor.
  • Competitors are expected to use their own bar utensils, and glassware to prepare the cocktails.
  • Garnishes will consist only of edible fruit or vegetable.
  • Each competitor shall be limited to six (6) minutes in mixing.



  • Each competitor must submit a recipe containing a minimum of 25ml of Staritsky & Levitsky Reserve
  • The recipe shall be an original creation.
  • Each competitor must submit a 50-100 words explaining their drink and what inspired their creation



Follow Staritsky & Levitsky on Facebook at www.facebook.com/StaritskyLevitskyVodka, Twitter @SL_VodkaUK and Instagram at www.instagram.com/sl_vodkauk

Riddles Emporium Opens First Shop in Altrincham

A new specialist spirit shop, from the owners of Riddles cocktail bar on Greenwood Street and spirit specialist Dave Marsland, owner of Drinks Enthusiast, is set to open its doors on 1st April 2017.

Riddles Emporium, with the tagline ‘Liquor and Sundries’, will sell a wide range of spirits, high-end products, cocktail equipment, books, bitters, homemade tinctures and syrups – pretty much everything you’ll need to make fine quality drinks at home. The shop will be the first of its kind in Altrincham and will also host regular small tasting events on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as the occasional classic cocktail masterclass.

Located at the former Ivy House site on Regent Road, Riddles Emporium hopes to contribute towards the regeneration of the Altrincham Market area, and to offer a unique retail experience for Altrincham residents. The shop will have a definite synergy with Riddles bar, adopting a similar vintage look and feel with a focus on classic cocktails and timeless flavor profiles. The new shop will house a wealth of bottles that are not widely available, perfect for special gifts, investment, or simply to vastly improve your own home bar.

“The most important thing for us is to share our passion for quality drinks, to enthuse others to be more adventurous with their choices and to introduce or take them further into the wonderful world of spirits and cocktails,” says Dave Marsland (28). “We are so excited about not only giving people the absolute best drinks in our bar but extending that into their homes too – and we know the people of Altrincham will love this. This town is definitely a knowledgeable and passionate place when it comes to fine drinking,” adds Del Lowe (33).

To accompany the launch of the shop, Riddles bar is releasing a series of cocktail instruction videos entitled ‘Making Drinks At Home’. Emma Rostaing (34) explains: “The intention behind these short videos is to inspire people to be more adventurous with drinks at their own social gatherings and to bring what we know into peoples homes. Obviously we love making drinks in the bar and nothing can beat the atmosphere of going out for a drink, but on those nights when you can’t get out or just need some peace and quiet, Riddles Emporium and these videos will give you the tools to create the perfect serve yourself.”

The shop will open to the public on Saturday 1st April and will be offering a series of five exclusive tasting events, free of charge. There will be a variety of different tastings covering the worlds of gin, rum, tequila, whisky and vodka. Only ten free tickets are available for each time-slot, so be sure to book yours as soon as possible. Tickets for these small tasting events can be obtained from Eventbrite, via a link on the Riddles Bar website: http://www.riddlesbar.com.

The website for the Emporium will launch in the next two weeks at http://www.riddlesemporium.com and products will be available to buy online.

For anyone passionate about fine drinking and drinks preparation this will be a fine addition to Altrincham’s growing independent retail offering.

St Patrick’s Day Launch for The Cold Irishman Competition

This St Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2017, sees Walsh Whiskey and UK Importer Emporia Brands come together for the UK’s first ever cocktail competition involving The Irishman whiskey.

Focusing on The Irishman Founder’s Reserve expression, both companies are on the lookout for the best innovative twist on their signature serve, The Cold Irishman. With the original recipe seeing a blended combination of The Irishman Founder’s Reserve, coffee, half and half and sugar syrup, the competition throws open a variety of options to impress the Walsh family of Bernard and Rosemary.

The award-winning Walsh Whiskey are offering an exclusive trip to their new distillery ‘Royal Oak’, with the chance to experience the range of expressions first hand, as well as the immersive opportunity of a VIP distillery tour located in the heart of barley-growing country, framed by two-hundred-year-old might oaks on the banks of the goodly River Barrow in Ireland’s Ancient East.

With a minimum of 35 ml of The Irishman Founder’s Reserve needed, and a maximum of 5 ingredients (including the base whiskey and excluding garnish) allowed, bartenders also need to explain their inspiration as part of their submission.

To enter, bartenders are asked to submit their details and cocktail recipe to the online registration form located at http://www.emporiabrands.com/coldirishman

Entries will be open from 17th March until 12th May, in which a blind judging will take place of all submissions by some of the top industry figures in whiskey, as well as an Emporia Brands representative visiting the venue to experience the recipe first hand, with the winner announced on 19th May, the day before World Whisky Day. The winner will win the trip to Royal Oak later in 2017 where they will re-create their winning recipe to the Walsh Family, VIP’s and journalists within the distillery itself.


For more information on Walsh Whiskey, please visit http://walshwhiskey.com or follow on Twitter @WalshWhiskey, Facebook at /walshwhiskey and /TheIrishmanWhiskey and Instagram at http://www.Instagram.com/walshwhiskey

Swedish Brand Virtuous Vodka Launches To The UK On-Trade

Virtuous Vodka, a high-quality Swedish vodka made from 100% organic, natural ingredients will launch to the UK on-trade with a portfolio of four flavours: Blond, Bitter Lemon, Raspberry and Ginger. Made using a base spirit of Swedish rye, and with no added sugars or aromas, Virtuous Vodka prides itself on only using the best ingredients and methods to produce flavours that are natural and genuine. The result is a grown-up and authentic take on the flavoured vodka category, ideal for mixing in long drinks and cocktails.

Available in 700ml bottles Virtuous Vodka is column-distilled once and unfiltered to render a smooth and well balanced flavour. The resulting Virtuous Vodka Blond has a sweet, peppery scent reminiscent of fresh baked bread and light notes of fruit. Pure and smooth on the palate, there is a fresh, sweet bitterness and touch of spice, with a short and delicate aftertaste.

To create the flavoured varieties only natural, organic ingredients are used. They are added during a maceration process before the vodka is gently filtered, the resulting flavoured vodkas stay true to the flavour profile of the original ingredients, providing a departure from synthetically flavoured spirits:

Virtuous Vodka Raspberry
Flavoured with organic raspberries A rich scent of aged raspberries leads to a striking and ripe taste, whilst a certain acidity and sweetness from the fruit balances the vodka. Matures with time to develop a more complex flavour, with less acidity.

Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon
Flavoured with organic lemon peel Intense aroma with a sharp and sweet fragrance, the complex taste of lemon-zest elevates the vodka. The juxtaposing flavours of sweetness from the zest and bitterness from the peel results in a modern lemon vodka reminiscent of bitter marmalade.

Virtuous Vodka Ginger
Flavoured with organic ginger A full and aromatic scent of fresh ginger is complimented by a strong and spicy flavour that carries a certain amount of heat.

Like any natural flavour, Virtuous Vodka’s flavoured varieties have an indefinite shelf life, a testament to the authenticity and realness of its ingredients and something founder Claes Stenmark sees as a strength, not a flaw. On the launch he comments, “As a company we believe in three things: true flavours, sustainable business and braveness, and that’s how we produce our vodkas. We’re excited to be launching in the UK at a time when venues and customers alike are looking for something authentic and honest, something we always strive to be. We only say yes to the real deal and no to stuff created in laboratories. Most importantly our vodka is made to taste, not to last.”

With its natural flavourings, commitment to only using organic ingredients, and fresh approach Virtuous Vodka is an exciting addition to the vodka category.

Havana Club Introduces The Second Edition In The Tributo Collection Of Prestige Rums

Havana Club, the global leading rum in the super-premium and above category[1], has released Havana Club Tributo 2017; a new prestige sipping rum blended from the finest aged rum reserves. The second instalment of the Tributo Collection, a series of the finest rums from Havana Club’s aged reserves, was unveiled at the Cuban Habanos Festival last week and will have a limited release of 2,500 bottles globally.

Havana Club Tributo 2017 has been crafted by Asbel Morales, Havana Club Maestro del Ron Cubano, from a new blend of hand-selected base rums and a decades-old ‘aguardiente’ – or spirit base. The ‘aguardiente’ is at the heart of this rum, and has been enhanced by maturation in barrels that are over 80 years old. The result is an exceptional rum with a distinctive dry note and an intriguing array of flavours, highlighting and paying homage to the finest Cuban sugar cane. The 2017 edition is bottled at 40% ABV, with an amber glow and flavours of chocolate, tobacco and coffee.

Following the success of the 2016 edition, Havana Club Tributo 2017 demonstrates a new style of Cuban rum, showcasing the richness and variety of styles found within the authentic Cuban rum category. The new expression is on sale in six extra markets this year, totalling 16, from March at the RRP of 350 EUR per 70 cl.

This unique blend of Havana Club’s exceptional rum reserves honours the passion and knowledge of the Maestros del Ron Cubano, a role that has recently been declared a Cultural Patrimony of the Cuban nation by the Culture Ministry in Cuba. As such, each bottle of Havana Club Tributo is individually numbered and adorned with the signature of Havana Club Maestro del Ron Cubano, Asbel Morales. The outer packaging will entice rum connoisseurs and spirits drinkers alike with luxury green gold cues evoking the sugar cane lands used for generations in the production of authentic Cuban rum.

Asbel Morales comments: “The extensive reserves at the Havana Club distillery provided us with a wealth of luxurious aged rums to experiment with. By blending together a decades-old aguardiente and our precious rums, we have achieved a totally new rum experience that is lively and complex, with a remarkable dry taste imparted by the original Cuban sugar cane character of the aguardiente. Havana Club Tributo 2017 celebrates the craftsmanship at the heart of the production of premium rum, from the cane to the cask, and we hope rum drinkers around the world will enjoy it.”

Nick Blacknell, International Marketing Director at Havana Club International, adds: “We are delighted to have launched the latest edition in the Havana Club Tributo Collection and we look forward to building on the success of Tributo 2016. With only 2,500 bottles of Havana Club Tributo 2017 being released worldwide, we expect the expression to be popular among global rum and dark spirits connoisseurs who are looking for the next authentic Cuban rum to add to their repertoire.”

St Lucia Distillers Set to Travel Around the UK

Distillers-Final-LogoThis March and April, UK distributor Emporia Brands have put together a calendar of events involving its award-winning St Lucia Distillers range, after the initial success of last year’s programme.

Brand Ambassador Dave Marsland and the Emporia Brands team will be touring fifteen cities as they bring together the Chairman’s Reserve range, which includes Gold, Spiced, White Label and Forgotten Cask, the Admiral Rodney, and an edition of premium expression 1931, plus a selection of the distillates from which they are blended.

In 1931, the Barnard family founded a distillery at Dennery, St Lucia. Now based on the other side of the island at Roseau, the distillery has been considerably modernized and new technologies and improvements constantly incorporated. The installation of pot stills in 1998 added considerably to the variety of rums being produced in this highly regarded distillery which received the accolade of Individual Distiller of the Year at the International Spirits Challenge, one of six trophies received in six years – a unique achievement.

With the premise of a flavour experience, the tour sees an approach to the range that offers bartenders and key industry figures invited to not only learn about St Lucia, but ideas on how to embrace the versatility of St Lucia Distillers, from the Spiced variety to the rare 1931.

Cities on the tour include Manchester, London, Leeds, Brighton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Reading, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow, with Emporia Brands looking to strengthen their campaign as they look ahead to the next instalment of the ‘Chairman’s XI’ with their ever-expanding sales team seeking out some of the UK’s best and brightest to follow in the footsteps of some of the industries key figures, including Lyndon Higginson of The Liars Club in Manchester, Danny Murphy of Aloha in Liverpool and Adam Binnersley of the MOJO Group.

Places are limited for each session, due to the rarity of gaining the exclusive 1931 and distillates for the tasting’s. To secure your place, please contact Dave Marsland at dave@emporiabrands.com, stating the session you wish to attend from the list below.

Manchester       Mojo’s, 9th March, 1:30pm

London                 Burlock, 15th March, 2pm

Leeds                    Mojo’s, 15th March, 1:30pm

Brighton              Oki Nami, 21st March, 1pm

Liverpool             Maya, 23rd March, 1:30pm

Birmingham       Island Bar, 4th April, 2pm

Nottingham       Brass Monkey, 5th April, 3pm

Leicester             The Queen of Bradgate, 6th April, 2pm

Newcastle          Alvino’s, 11th April, 1pm

Edinburgh           Reekie Tiki, 16th April, 4pm

Cardiff                  The Dead Canary, 21st April, 2pm

Aberdeen           Bos’n, 23rd April, 3pm

Dundee                 Draffens, 24th April, 4pm

Reading                               Milk, 26th April, 2pm

Glasgow              Distill, 26th April, 4pm


Follow Chairman’s Reserve on Twitter @ChairmansUK, Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChairmansReserveUK and Instagram at  www.instagram.com/chairmansreserveuk

Follow Emporia Brands on Twitter @EmporiaBrandsUK, Facebook at www.facebook.com/EmporiaBrands and Instagram at www.instagram.com/emporiabrands

Altos Tequila Launches The Tahona Society Cocktail Competition 2017

Altos Tequila is inviting bartenders across the world to increase their understanding of Tequila, perfect their mixology skills and gain international exposure by entering the Tahona Society Cocktail Competition 2017. Considered the world’s leading Tequila education programme, national heats are set to begin this month ahead of the global finale in Mexico in September.

Founded in 2010 by leading bartenders Dré Masso and the late Henry Besant, the Tahona Society welcomes mixologists to ‘Join the Mexican Evolution’ in its 2017 edition in response to the cultural movement in Mexico towards a renewed focus on craft, mastery and sustainability. These values are at the core of the creation of Altos Tequila and are reflected in the Tahona Society programme, as entrants must craft a cocktail that represents sustainable values, celebrates the flavour of agave and can be paired with a variety of authentic Mexican street food.

Local heats are set to take place from this month until September in a record 28 markets, such as USA (Texas, LA and NYC), London, and Paris. Designed to educate bartenders about the quality and provenance of Tequila, the importance of sustainability in bartending, and feature a comparative Tequila tasting, the heats will culminate with the national Tahona Society Cocktail Competition.

The winner from each country will be invited to Mexico for the week-long global Tahona Society Cocktail Competition in September. During the festivities, competitors will take part in a series of masterclasses – led by global bartending legends such as Dré Masso and Mexican agave spirits expert, Alberto Navarro – receive a tour of the Altos distillery and have the opportunity to explore the Los Altos region in the highlands of Mexico, where Altos Tequila is crafted using traditional production methods.

The second and third place winners will also travel to Mexico for the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the country’s ancient tradition of agave spirit production, as well as to guest bartend in one of Mexico City’s leading bars.

The final contest will be judged by a jury including Dré Masso, a worldwide famous surprise guest bartender and the Tahona Society’s 2016 winner, Kelsey Ramage; and will challenge the finalists to create their cocktails with an added local-flavour twist, sustainable values and lead a short presentation and Q&A explaining the rationale behind their serve. The overall winner of the Tahona Society 2017 is set to become the Tahona Society Global Ambassador for one year and will have the opportunity to choose four countries to deliver a Tahona Society event next year.

Dré Masso, co-creator of Altos Tequila, says: “Our mission with the Tahona Society Cocktail Competition is to spread the love and knowledge of authentic Tequila around the world. It is important that we continue to provide support and education for future bartending generations by encouraging sustainability, which is at the heart of our business and at the future of the industry. We are proud of Altos’ sustainability credentials – in fact the total waste from our distillery would fit into a car boot – and we’re hoping this will inspire our 2017 entrants. Previous winners have completely blown us away with their innovation and skill, and I cannot wait to see what this year’s competition holds!”

The 2016 Tahona Society crown was given to Kelsey Ramage from renowned London bar, Dandelyan. Ramage overcame fierce competition from 20 of the world’s most talented bartenders with her winning creation, Never Die. Chosen by the expert panel of judges for its exceptional taste and ingenious use of local ingredients.

Bartenders from around the world can follow the competition and register their interest on the Tahona Society Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TahonaSociety and are invited to contact Altos Tequila representatives in their markets for more details.

Dandelyan At Mondrian London Wins UK’s Best Bar At The Return Of The CLASS Bar Awards

On Tuesday February 21st, CLASS magazine announced its highly anticipated CLASS Bar Awards 2017.

The awards, which debuted in 2003 have returned under new owners Agile Media – founders of The World’s 50 Best Bars – reassuming their place as the premiere UK bar industry celebration.

Representatives from the UK’s leading bars attended the Awards yesterday (February 21st) at One Marylebone in London, along with internationally renowned personalities. Judged by industry experts from across the country, the CLASS Bar Awards recognises the talent, achievements and diversity of the UK bar scene.

Dandelyan at Mondrian London, by Iain Griffiths and Ryan Chetiyawardana, was the overwhelming choice of the CLASS collective (the 85 expert judges that voted), with the bar picking up gongs for Best Bar in the UK, Best Hotel Bar and Best Drinks Menu.

Offering innovative drinks centred on the theme of Modern Botany, immaculate service and views of the Thames, Dandelyan won four of the five categories it was shortlisted for.
Aidan Bowie, Head Bartender at Dandelyan and a past winner of Diageo World Class, topped the Bartender of the Year vote, ahead of James Bowker of The Edgbaston in Birmingham and Marcis Dzelzainis of Sager + Wilde, Bethnal Green, London.

Edmund Weil and Rosie Stimpson, owners of London music and cocktail venues Nightjar and Oriole, also saw a number of their team win supporting awards. Oriole’s Ivana Popovic was named Front of House Star of the Year and the bar’s Ivano Filippi took Bar Back Star. A third award for Oriole came in the form of Bar Food Menu of the Year, with its South American-Asian inspired menu edging ahead of that of Liverpool’s Filter + Fox and Oskar’s Bar of London. While Nightjar won Best Social Media Initiative.

Weil and Stimpson also celebrated with their partners at Swift, Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson, after the venue took New Bar of the Year, ahead of Bath’s The Dark Horse and London’s Black Rock. Bobby Hiddleston too won an individual award, taking home Bar Manager of the Year for his work with Callooh Callay in 2016 and latterly as a co-creator of Swift.

The Emerging Bartender of the Year category was won by Dominic Whisson of the American Bar, London, ahead of Joe Wild from El Bandito in Liverpool and Daniele Bresciani of The Churchill Bar & Terrace, London.

Cocktail of the Year, also contended by Dandelyan’s Concrete Sazerac, was won by Robusto Negroni at Bar Termini. Devised by Tony Conligiaro’s Drink Factory for the Soho bar, the Robusto Negroni uses the sous-vide technique to achieve a mellow and elegant Negroni.
Specialist Bar of the Year went to whisky venue Black Rock, owned by Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson, taking the gong ahead of Manchester’s tequila and pizza venue Crazy Pedro’s and, Italian station-themed coffee and cocktail spot, Bar Termini.
Restaurant Bar of the Year was awarded to London’s Hawksmoor Spitalfields, beating off capital competition in the form of The Blind Pig and Edinburgh’s Bon Vivant.

Ending the night was the Lifetime Achievement award, which went to Jake Burger from bars The Distillery and Portobello Road. With venues in Leeds and London, a gin museum and gin brand, Jake Burger has spent 20 years at the forefront of the drinks business.

CLASS Bar Awards 2017 shortlists and winners

Awards voted for by the CLASS Collective (85 nationwide industry experts): 

Bartender of the Year 
– Aidan Bowie, Dandelyan, London
– James Bowker, The Edgbaston, Birmingham
– Marcis Dzelzainis, Sager + Wilde, Bethnal Green, London

………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

Bar of the Year 
– Dandelyan, London
– Bramble, Edinburgh
– Satan’s Whiskers, London

………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

New Bar of the Year

– Swift, London
– Black Rock, London
– The Dark Horse, Bath
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

Hotel Bar of the Year 

– Dandelyan at Mondrian London
– Connaught Bar at The Connaught, London
– American Bar at The Savoy Hotel, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

Drinks Menu of the Year
– Dandelyan, Modern Botany 3rd Edition London
– Callooh Callay, Street Art Tour, London
– American Bar, London Menu, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

Specialist Bar of the Year

– Black Rock, London
– Crazy Pedro’s, Manchester
– Bar Termini, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Bar Food Menu of the Year 

– Oriole, London
– Filter + Fox, Liverpool
– Oskar’s Bar, London.

……………………………. ………………………… ………………………… ……..
Restaurant Bar of the Year
– Hawksmoor Spitalfields, London
– Bon Vivant, Edinburgh
– The Blind Pig at the Social Eating House, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Cocktail of the Year 

– Negroni Robusto, Bar Termini, London
– Pickering Place, American Bar, London
– Concrete Sazerac, Dandelyan, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..

Lifetime Achievement
Jake Burger

Special Recognition Awards (entered on application and judged by a panel of 10 industry experts):

Bar Manager of the Year 

– Bobby Hiddleston, Callooh Callay / Swift, London
– Declan McGurk, American Bar, London
– Eve Vasileiadou, The Churchill Bar & Terrace, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Emerging Bartender of the Year

– Dominic Whisson, American Bar, London
– Joe Wild, El Bandito, Liverpool
– Daniele Bresciani, The Churchill Bar & Terrace, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Bar Back Star of the Year 

– Ivano Filippi, Oriole, London
– Habtom Temesgem, The Churchill Bar & Terrace, London
– Timoteo Martao, Oblix, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Front of House Star of the Year

– Ivana Popovic, Oriole, London
– Harry Kladis, The Churchill Bar & Terrace, London
– Emily Shuttleworth, London Cocktail Club, Bethnal Green, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..
Social Media Initiative of the Year
– Nightjar, London

– Bar Termini, London
– Aqua Shard, London
………………………… ………………………… ………………………… …………..