Hendrick’s Gin Presents A Plethora Of Unusual Gifts For Christmas

Hendricks at Bumpkin

As the festive season fast approaches, Hendrick’s Gin presents a plethora of unusual gifts for Christmas. We employ you to enchant comrades and family with these delightful curiosities, sure to offer discerning drinkers a delightfully unique introduction to the curious world of Hendrick’s Gin…

Hendrick's Cucumber Hothouse
Hendrick’s Cucumber Hothouse

Colder winter months needn’t hold green-fingered companions back, so why not surprise and delight them with the Hendrick’s Cucumber Hothouse, featuring two miniature bottles of delightful Hendrick’s Gin? The humble Cucumis Sativus (cucumber for those not in the know) is one of the two charming infusions that gives Hendrick’s Gin its unusual taste. Offering a glimpse into the secret life of this inimitable ingredient, this pack perfect for those who shun the humdrum. (RRP £15.00, available at selected supermarkets).

It’s a well known fact that good things come in small packages and Hendrick’s Minisculinity Pack is the perfect example. This charming pack, featuring a new 35cl bottle of Hendrick’s and a cocktail book of diminutive dimensions is the perfect thing to enjoy the minute moments of peculiarity found in everyday life. (RRP £18.49, available from selected supermarkets and Selfridges).

If decorative fancies are what your loved one desires, then why not treat them to the delightful Hendrick’s Gin Teapot – a coveted curiosity which will be perfect for serving up warm beverages this festive season. Whether for cocktails, tea or decoration, this charming decanter offers a a more refined and unusual sipping experience. (£30.00, available from uk.hendricksgin.com/teashop).


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