I don’t feature wine often on this site. No particular reason other than the lack of opportunities I’d say. I do drink wine, and I’ve even worked in an independent wine shop for several months to gain the experience from within the grapes. I think that may be it though; the lack of experience, the doubt to dive in and explore the flavours, the aromas, the history and back-bone of a good tipple. Then again, I was in the same boat with spirits, beers and mixers, and I grew to appreciate them a lot more once I took the initiative and dove in glass first.
So it’s with my head held high that I can say that this is my second wine feature of the week. I know, doesn’t sound much, but the ratio is slipping dangerously when compared to the spirit features available for your viewing pleasure. So without delay, I intend to take a view on what to me is a well-known Argentinian brand, and who incidentally come to the front of the queue due to their release of the UK’s 1st mini Argentinian Malbec.

Before I look more closely (pun fully intended) at the miniature release, I think it’s best to see what Trivento is all about.

Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos was founded back in 1996, with a vision of producing brand-name wines distinguished for preserving the character of the winds. ‘Trivento’ itself means ‘Three Winds’ and is tribute to the Polar winds from the South, the Zonda winds from the Andes mountain range and the Sudestada winds from the South East. These winds travel over the 1,289 hectares, wherein lies eight vineyards (Los Zorros, Los Vientos, Cruz del Alto, Los Ponchos, Los Sauces, Tres Porteñas, Los Portones and Los Indios) which are equipped with drip irrigation systems and situated in the winegrowing areas of Mendoza. Winemakers Germán Di Césare and Victoria Prandina oversee the range of white and reds produced, including the 4000 French and American oak barrels that are used to age their wines.

So to the Trivento Malbec, the expression that put the brand on the New World map so-to-speak. Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Trivento Malbec Reserve, 2013 – 14%

Aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. Lots of sweet spice on the nose with vanilla and fresh oak coming through. Incredibly soft on the palate, with the vanilla and caramel flavours combining well with juicy red fruits, dry spice and sweet crème brûlée. A little dry on the finish, but remains fresh,

I can see why it’s award-winning. A robust kick of Argentinian red wine here, and the miniature now makes it perfect for that one glass of wine at dinner. Don’t stop there though, with the miniature now available to buy, they are perfect for travelling or attending an outdoor event, or even as an adult stocking filler for something a little bit different at Christmas.

I do like South American wines, and with liquids like this being produced, I think I need to venture a little further.

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