I don’t feature wine often on this site. No particular reason other than the lack of opportunities I’d say. I do drink wine, and I’ve even worked in an independent wine shop for several months to gain the experience from within the grapes. I think that may be it though; the lack of experience, theContinue reading “Trivento”


When it comes to wine I’ll admit, I don’t know too much compared to my experiences with spirits and beer. I’ve covered various tastings within the site and tried my fair share of wines over the years, but it’s rare I get the chance to try a selection of the same brand in one go.Continue reading “Frontera”

Design My Night Manchester Award Winners Announced!

The results are in for the Design My Night Awards here in Manchester. So without delay, lets see who made some good vibrations in the city – Best Bar 2014 – Kosmonaut, Northern Quarter Exposed brick, leather seats, banging drinks…dentist chairs; the Northern Quarter’s Kosmonaut has everything a great bar should have, and some. Multi-facetedContinue reading “Design My Night Manchester Award Winners Announced!”


A brand I’ve known of for a while determines itself as “Once you’ve tasted a Vestal Vodka you’ll probably never want to drink a commercial vodka again”. A rather bold statement their, but is it true? Let’s take a look. The Vestal Vodka Company is a father and son team, John and William. Wanting toContinue reading “Vestal”