The King Of Soho And Kettner’s Come Together For Valentine’s

King of Soho Valentines

The King of Soho, a super premium gin distilled in the heart of London, is inviting love birds and singletons alike to the legendary Soho establishment Kettner’s this Valentine’s Day to enjoy cocktails in the city’s coolest and most mischievous district.

Award-winning head barman Scott Mather has created two exclusive cocktails at Kettner’s available from 6 February, solving this year’s Valentine’s Day dilemma with a martini for the ladies and a contemporary twist on the classic Old Fashioned for the gentlemen. Whether you are on a date, treating a partner or boycotting the day with friends, these delicious cocktails will make it the best Valentine’s Day to date.


With a cheeky innuendo, and based on a martini, ladies can enjoy a ‘Lost my Cherry’ garnished with a sunken cherry and a handmade pink sugar rim for a sherbet aftertaste.

For the gentleman, enjoy The King of Soho’s take on an Old Fashioned with ‘The Old Soho Fox’, celebrating the bottle’s fox icon and it’s reputation as a creature of the night embodying the smart, naughty and enigmatic nature of urban Soho. With a touch of grenadine to give it a punch, an Old Soho Fox is the perfect valentine’s treat for the gentlemen.

“Lost my Cherry” (left)

70ml King of Soho gin
20ml Noilly Prat Original Dry
5 ml Maraschino
Garnish: Sunken cherry with pink sugar rim

“The Old Soho Fox” (right)

50ml King of Soho gin
10ml Water
5ml Grenadine
Garnish: Grapefruit peel

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