The London Sessions Have Been Busy


… But in a good way. Yesterday they held their 13th session, the fourth in New York, with Monkey Shoulder and Dale DeGroff. They almost thought about skipping straight to 14 incase it was unlucky, but it turned out to be one of the best yet. They were there, and they still watched it online after. You can too, right here.

1caa6cd9-9a8b-48a6-a38c-e254110c53bcTuesday they presented with ‘the nicest man in the business’ Mr Lyan, photos here, and a couple of weeks back they were graced with the presence of the formidable Simon Ford with Fords Gin. Click for photos.

Wednesday they were at Dead Rabbit for the launch of their new menu. And if you wanna know how Sean, Jack, Jillian and Richard create a menu – from the ideas, illustrations, design and drinks, then stay tuned – we’ve asked them a lot of questions and we’re writing it up for Difford’s Guide. Their next session is TBA real soon. As always, keep an eye on their social media for more news!

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