Twitter Campaign Launched To Help Boost The Independent Spirits Sector


A Twitter campaign launched today is aiming to find the UK’s most loved independent spirit brands.

#HotCraftSpirits is encouraging producers, distillers and fans of craft spirits to get involved and vote for their favourites. Votes are displayed on a Twitter powered leaderboard on the campaigns website.

Producers and distillers are able to ‘claim’ their brand via the website and encourage their fans to vote. Consumers can vote on their favourite craft spirit by Tweeting the brands Twitter handle and the hashtag #HotCraftSpirits. Voting opens today and will continue until mid May. The spirit brand with the most votes will be crowned the UK’s Hottest Craft Spirit. The campaign has been created by social media agency Clarity Comms in a bid to help raise the profile of many of the small batch producers.

Clarity co-founder Jason Navon commented: “The last few years has seen a huge increase new spirits entering the market from local, small batch gins and single-estate vodkas to eau-de-vies and flavoured whiskies. But it can be a struggle for some of these brands to get their voices heard.

Much of the demand for these drinks is driven by millennials who find and share their discoveries via social media. Take a look at the craft beer industry – lots of breweries creating great tasting products and using the likes of Twitter and Instagram to reach a wide and varied audience.

We wanted to create a platform to help celebrate the vibrancy of the sector by getting drinkers to vote for their favourite craft spirits. And so #HotCraftSpirits was born.”

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