Walsh Whiskey Distillery Brands Expand Presence in Key Markets East & West


Walsh Whiskey Distillery, which commissioned its new 650,000 case distillery at Royal Oak on 27 March, has announced significant developments for its super-premium Irish whiskeys in the key Russian and United States markets. In Russia, the company has agreed an exclusive contract with the Simple Group appointing them as the exclusive distributor of The Irishman super-premium Irish whiskey. In addition, one of the largest control states in America, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has granted Walsh Whiskey’s Writers Tears a listing.

The Irishman – Russian Distributor: The appointment of the Simple Group to represent and distribute The Irishman is significant for Walsh Whiskey Distillery for two reasons. Russia, with a population of 143 million people, is one of the top five export markets globally for Irish whiskey and The Irishman is the leading independent Irish whiskey in Russia.

Founded in 1994 with 950 employees, head offices in Moscow and St Petersburg, the Simple Group has a network of 80 regional distributors (53) and representatives (27) serving over 1,500 on and off-trade points-of-sale across Russia. Simple also has its own retail chain of wine boutiques and bars in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Writers Tears – Pennsylvania LCB Listing: 2016 is the first year that Writers Tears is being distributed in the United States of America and the granting of a listing in the control state of Pennsylvania is an important milestone for the super-premium pot still Irish whiskey. Pennsylvania is the sixth largest state in the United States with a population of 13 million people including cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Established following Prohibition in 1933, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board generates sales of $2.34billion annually from its network of 603 Fine Wine & Good Spirits bricks and mortar stores as well as its online channel – http://www.FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com.

Writers Tears is currently available in selected states namely – New York, Minnesota, District of Columbia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Commenting on these milestones for The Irishman and Writers Tears in key markets, the Founder & Chief Executive of Walsh Whiskey Distillery, Bernard Walsh, said:

“It is very encouraging to be strengthening the reach of our brands in key markets like Russia and the United States, especially as our distillery is now in production and we gear for both strong production and sales growth in the years ahead.”

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