Beluga Vodka Launches Limited Edition Noble Celebration Bottle

Super-premium brand Beluga Vodka has launched Noble Celebration, a limited edition bottle created to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia, where the entire Beluga Vodka range is produced. Contained within the Celebration bottle is Beluga Noble Vodka straight from the Mariinsk Distillery. Situated in the heart of Siberia 300 km fromContinue reading “Beluga Vodka Launches Limited Edition Noble Celebration Bottle”

Beluga Vodka Launches International Cocktail Competition

As part of a European-wide initiative, super-premium brand, Beluga Vodka, is proud to announce the launch of Beluga Signature; an on-trade educational brand programme encompassing a roadshow and cocktail competition in nine major cities across the UK, France and Germany. Commencing in June, it is hoped that the multiple stage programme will build and strengthenContinue reading “Beluga Vodka Launches International Cocktail Competition”


‘Made with Pride’. It’s great to read this statement when looking into a brand for the first time. It evokes feelings of wonder as you ponder the craftsmanship that has been placed into creating the liquid. The question is though, does it actually define the brand? Or is it a loose term to gain someContinue reading “Beluga”

Walsh Whiskey Distillery Brands Expand Presence in Key Markets East & West

Walsh Whiskey Distillery, which commissioned its new 650,000 case distillery at Royal Oak on 27 March, has announced significant developments for its super-premium Irish whiskeys in the key Russian and United States markets. In Russia, the company has agreed an exclusive contract with the Simple Group appointing them as the exclusive distributor of The IrishmanContinue reading “Walsh Whiskey Distillery Brands Expand Presence in Key Markets East & West”

William Grant & Sons UK Welcomes Russian Standard Vodka

William Grant & Sons UK has announced that Russian Standard Vodka will be joining its premium spirits portfolio on 1st January 2016. Russian Standard Vodka is part of Roust International which represents the William Grant & Sons portfolio in Poland/Central Europe. In the UK, William Grant & Sons UK has represented Roust’s Green Mark andContinue reading “William Grant & Sons UK Welcomes Russian Standard Vodka”

Beluga Reinforces Its Position In The UK With A New Distributor, Cellar Trends

With the super-premium vodka category in a current growth of 250%[1], family run distributor, Cellar Trends, and Beluga Vodka will be working together in a bid to build the brand within the UK. From 1st October, the company will take over all sales, distribution and marketing. Vodka and caviar is a traditional Russian combination. BelugaContinue reading “Beluga Reinforces Its Position In The UK With A New Distributor, Cellar Trends”

Russian Standard

Vodka as a category is huge, and has been for many a decade now. There are many brands you rattle off when one talks about vodka; Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Belvedere and Russian Standard are present in many a list, and it’s the Russian liquid that this feature will concentrate on, looking at why it isContinue reading “Russian Standard”

Imperial Collection

Vodka can be criminally underrated in this day and age. With so many countries now handing themselves the opportunity to fill the market with their own ‘unique’ creation, it’s hard to really stand out to the true and ultimately create a vodka worthy of quality. Perhaps Imperial Collection can be one of them? It’s allegedContinue reading “Imperial Collection”

Russian Standard Vodka Offers Sainsbury’s Customers A Free Russian Mule Copper Mug With Every Purchase

RUSSIAN STANDARD VODKA OFFERS SAINSBURY’S CUSTOMERS A FREE RUSSIAN MULE COPPER MUG WITH EVERY PURCHASE OFFER AVAILABLE THROUGH PARTICIPATING SAINSBURY’S STORES. ONE MUG PER CUSTOMER PURCHASING A 70CL BOTTLE OF RUSSIAN STANDARD ORIGINAL Launching today, Russian Standard Vodka will be offering customers the opportunity to claim a free Russian Mule copper mug when purchasing aContinue reading “Russian Standard Vodka Offers Sainsbury’s Customers A Free Russian Mule Copper Mug With Every Purchase”

Legend of Kremlin Tasting Notes

Every once in a while, you come across a brand that just shouts at you. A bottle, the history, the name. All factors the developers want you to see. There’s one that shouts all three though, its name is Legend of Kremlin. A Russian vodka, that legend has it, is thought to be based onContinue reading “Legend of Kremlin Tasting Notes”