Cheese and drink have always gone well together over the years, as does pairing food with any sort of alcoholic beverage, from wine to a digestif or aperitif. But lately I’ve been experiencing Godminster, the cheese specialists from Bruton in the heart of Somerset. Why? It’s not only cheese they produce, but a range of vodka expressions too!

A little about Godminster first though.

There have been people living and working the land at Godminster for over 5 centuries, with records even showing that there has been a dairy farm on the land for over 100 years. Back in 1999, the Godminster farm was registered organic by owner Richard Hollingbery and is the home of 280 organic dairy cows as well as fruitful orchards.

It’s this approach that has led them to release their own expressions of vodka, including elderflower, blackcurrant and horseradish. Lets see how they fare!

Godminster Elderflower – 29%

Very subtle, light notes of elderflower on the nose, but becoming more forward on the palate. A little sweetness comes through, followed by a warmth that brings to the finish a long elderflower sharpness.

Godminster Horseradish – 39.7%

Intense yet smooth horseradish on the nose, with notes of tomato coming through. Smoother than expected on the palate, with lighter notes of the radish followed by the dry hit of pepper for the lingering finish.

Godminster Blackcurrant – 27.3%

Rich blackcurrant hits the nose first, followed by slight earthy tones. Thick on the palate, with plenty of bursts of sweet blackcurrant. Quite a short finish, but a smooth one at that.

An interesting take on the flavoured spirits, with each offering what seems to be a more authentic profile. Not overly sweet, and enjoyable to drink on its own. Godminster, however, have other ideas when it comes to the horseradish expression, pairing it with a ready-made Bloody Mary mixer using the award-winning tomatoes from the Isle of Wight Tomato Company. Seasoning has already been added, so a 25 ml of the horseradish vodka can create what they say is a Bloody Good Mary!

Pick up something different, add it to your drinks cabinet, and while you’re at it, a spot of cheese won’t hurt either! Best thing is too, they’re award-winning, with the elderflower and horseradish picking up 3*, and blackcurrant and Bloody Mary Tomato mix both 1* at the Great Taste 2015!

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