Got to love a good back story for a brand. Here’s Isfjord’s;

“It all started a little more than 100 years ago when a few good men made the first expedition to explore the Arctic region of Greenland – probably the roughest, cold and hard-hearted area on Earth. Then men who came back, came back with a wisdom of nature: They had discovered and explored the biggest island in the world, a country of nothing but ice and snow.

Today we still salute the brave men who took great great risks and discovered the wonders of nature – The amazing Ice Cap and the beautiful country of Greenland.”

Has you intrigued doesn’t it? I mean, no one ever really thinks of Greenland other than ice and snow, but someone had to discover it, and with many brands these days looking for a unique position within the category, it seems Isfjord may have found theirs.

In 2007, Isfjord realised that the extremely pure and soft water from the icebergs that naturally break off the Greenland Ice Cap and into the sea in Ilulissat (far north of the Polar Circle), are free from any pollutants and is some of the purest natural water on Earth.

Their gin and vodka expressions begin with the iceberg water, and either combined with Blonde wheat if creating the vodka, or botanicals such as juniper, lemon grass and cardamom if producing the gin, before being carefully distilled in accordance to the special process when distilling with iceberg water.

It’s the gin that will be the focus today though, as twelve different botanicals create the finished product. But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Isfjord – 44%

Orange peel and subtle lemon grass are present on the nose, with cardamom pods shifting through near the end. Orange water blended with fresh juniper and candied oranges are a bold presence on the palate, leading to a fresh, light and long finish.

Great over ice, but even better within a gin and tonic;

Isfjord and Tonic

50 ml Isfjord Gin
Topped with premium tonic (Double Dutch Indian Tonic recommended)
Garnish with a slice of orange.

A great go-to premium styled gin, perfect for the supposed British summer too, but wouldn’t look out-of-place over the festive season either. One for the drinks cabinet. Now, where’s that vodka they have . . . .

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2 thoughts on “Isfjord

  1. I should like to point out that there is NOT Greenlandic ice water in Isfjord / 69N products.

    There has been no export of ice water to Isfjord or other Morten Kelsen companies for the last many years.

    Neither Morten Kelsen nor his companies are authorized to export ice and water from Greenland. Morten Kelsen or companies in which he is included will never again be allowed to export ice or water from Greenland because of his story.

    Isfjord and Morten Kelsen are being notified of false marketing. A notification has also been submitted to Greenland’s Home Rule for an illegal marketing.

    They are thus warned against continuing to have Icefjords or other of Morten Kelsen’s products in the assortment.

    If you continue to conduct Isfjord products, you will also be notified for participation in the false marketing, as well as being displayed in the public.

    I recommend that you contact the Isfjord company / Morten Kelsen and require that he try to document the origin of the water. This could be in the form of receipts from his sources in Greenland, claiming that the ice is coming from.

     Ask him which fishermen he is buying the ice from and how it is melted. I know that no fishermen will ever shop with him again.

    You also need a consignment note from Royal Arctic Line, which are the only ones that can ship goods here from Greenland to Denmark.

    Finally, you must require proof of his license to export water from Greenland. He does not have a license and will not be able to get one.

    He has had cases of cheating with his water in other cases where he has cheated on contracts, cheated business partners etc.

    It was not meant to be a threat to you, but he must be stopped now before he damages our reputation more.

    Yours sincerely
    Benjamin Egede

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