Future Proofing The Pub Roundtable

Below is a video from a discussion group I was invited to be a part of a few weeks back, supported by Finest Call and the American Beverage Marketers. It looks at how pubs see cocktails through a variety of ways, and how Finest Call are attempting to contribute towards demystifying the attitudes towards them.Continue reading “Future Proofing The Pub Roundtable”

Future Proofing The Pub

Drinks Industry Experts Discuss Cocktails in the Pub ¬† As part of the campaign to help the pub industry to embrace cocktails, Premium Cocktail Mix brand Finest Call brought together industry experts to discuss the future of the pub. The group consisted of Inapub Editor Matt Eley, Mixologist and Drinks Consultant Andy Pearson, Drinks Journalist¬†DaveContinue reading “Future Proofing The Pub”