TicketyBrew Tasting Notes


I’m an ale man. Wasn’t born as one, it’s over time that my taste buds have developed to enjoy some of the weird and wonderful hops in the world that can contribute towards a good pint. I’m also a believer in buying local and helping promote some of the smaller business here in Manchester. There’s one in particular though that has made a bit of a storm since its release into the beer market, and that’s TicketyBrew.

TicketyBrew is the work of a husband and wife team Duncan and Keri Barton. The perfect couple (in my eyes) as they share a love and passion for beer, so it of course makes perfect sense to start a brewery in Stalybridge, Manchester. Originally starting out as a bottle beer company, they wanted to offer a British alternative to some of the classic styles within the category. Beginning brewing in February of this year, TicketyBrew has recently expanded into cask offerings, such is the demand for their three strong portfolio. There also looking even further ahead, with the release of their TicketyFew range as well as limited edition specials.

So how do their expressions fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

TicketyBrew Pale Ale – 5.5%

A nose of biscuit and orange with the aromas flowing nicely onto the palate. A thin texture with a low carbonation and good hops creating a well-balanced offering.

TicketyBrew Dubbel – 6.5%

Dark malt, fig and caramel blend well on the nose, with sweet coffee and raisin creating a good balance with the bitterness. Low carbonation creates a lingering flavour.

TicketyBrew Blonde – 5.8%

Floral and spice on the nose, although subtle and engaging. Peach flavours come through on the palate with some spice lingering from the nose. An apricot hit lingers on the finish.

For me, the Dubbel is the best out of the range, although I am a sweet toothed dark ale lover. The Pale Ale is one of the better IPA’s I’ve tried in recent memory, and the Blonde is a great variety, and one that could introduce ale beginners. The idea behind the name as well as the labels is great, with a real sense of tongue-in-cheek that gets people talking. Well that’s how I came across them so they must have nailed the marketing on the head! The ticket style labelling makes perfect sense with the name, and it harks back to that simple look for a beer bottle. Nothing too fancy, straight to the point.

Grab yourself some bottles and join in the new age of craft ale.

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