Sibling Distillery Enjoy Their Launch Party

The 4th of June marked the beginning of a new era in gin making, as the four siblings who have co-founded Sibling Distillery held a party for the launch of their Sibling Triple Distilled Gin. Upon arrival, there was a queue to the door of Lily Gins – a recently opened cocktail bar with anContinue reading “Sibling Distillery Enjoy Their Launch Party”

Cremorne 1859

Co-founders of the UK based CASK Liquid Marketing Richard Herbert and Stuart Ekins launched their own spirits brand back in 2012. Their first release under the Cremorne 1859 banner was a London Dry gin named Colonel Fox, complete with a fox adorned label created and drawn by artist Charlotte Cory. Charlotte used the year ofContinue reading “Cremorne 1859”

Laimon Fresh Tasting Notes

Mixers seem to be the new trend at the end of 2013, and with the new year looking promising, I think it will only get bigger. With names such as Fentimans, Jax Coco and ZEO already featured, and brands such as Glo Worm looking at making a splash in 2014, it’s the turn of theContinue reading “Laimon Fresh Tasting Notes”

The London No. 1 Tasting Notes

Coloured gin could be seen as a marketing gimmick. But have you ever just dismissed it, not really giving it a second glance and presuming it’s going to be cheap and tacky? What ever your answer, let me introduce you to The London No. 1. 12 different botanicals are within The London No. 1, including juniper fromContinue reading “The London No. 1 Tasting Notes”

TicketyBrew Tasting Notes

I’m an ale man. Wasn’t born as one, it’s over time that my taste buds have developed to enjoy some of the weird and wonderful hops in the world that can contribute towards a good pint. I’m also a believer in buying local and helping promote some of the smaller business here in Manchester. There’sContinue reading “TicketyBrew Tasting Notes”

City of London Tasting Notes

As mentioned in previous articles of late, England is on a role in the gin category, with many a distillery popping up in the past few years to showcase there brand to the gin-loving public. One of these distilleries is the City of London Distillery (or COLD for short), and have done things a littleContinue reading “City of London Tasting Notes”


There’s always a quirky spirit to find these days, especially if your browsing the shelves either in your bar, supermarket or online. But what would you say to a bottle that had a spiked collar neck and has the word ‘Bulldog’ in striking letters? Would you think it was a hard-hitting spirit with a bite of attitude?Continue reading “Bulldog”

Martin Miller’s Tasting Notes

Martin Miller’s is fast becoming one of those ‘must have’ premium gins to see on any back bar or drinks cabinet. But why is it becoming so popular, and even touching the heights of Tanqueray? It all begins in the heart of England, the Black Country, and the use of batch distillation. Combining the two traditionalistsContinue reading “Martin Miller’s Tasting Notes”