Emily Says . . . . ‘Yorkshire Tea’

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

In her fifth feature under ‘Emily Says . . .’, the voice to the Manchester bar scene in Emily Puckering looks at the Yorkshire Tea and Gin combination;

Gin has truly taken over the world in the last couple of years. It is what everyone is talking about, and it is what everyone is ordering over the bar. More and more brands and varieties of gin appear day by day, making ones choice of what to drink rather difficult.

A gin that stands out to me is Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin… and I promise this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m from Yorkshire! Masons was created by Karl and Cathy Mason, a pair of gin enthusiasts who initially began blogging and reviewing different types of gin prior to their creation.

What makes their gin truly unique is what the Masons decided to put in it. Using pure Yorkshire water and the classic essence of Juniper, alongside Fennel, Coriander seeds, Cardamom and Szechuan pepper, Masons gin became known for its bold and distinctive dry taste.

But I am not here to talk about Masons original dry gin. Masons Dry Yorkshire gin Tea Edition has taken centre stage. Again, I’m sure this has nothing to do with me being from Yorkshire, but I absolutely love tea… as do many of us Brits. And what could possibly be better than a collaboration of gin and the finest Yorkshire tea?

The distillation process of this 42 percent gin involves 665 Yorkshire teabags (to be precise!) being cut up and mixed with the rest of the classic recipe before being distilled. A pairing of flavours that doesn’t often trend, the combination of tea and gin is truly an unusual one, but one of curiosity and individuality.

On the nose, this gin delivers lovely dark tannin notes, mixing beautifully with the bold juniper and the spices of fennel and cardamom. On first sip, these spices instantly bring out the crisp punch of Yorkshire Tea; something pleasantly different compared to a usual gin and tonic. The risk of collaborating tea with gin is the chance of bringing out the perfumed notes, of which can be way too tangent on the mouth. The presence of citrus fruits such as lemons in Masons, however, prevents the gin from being overpowered by these perfume essences, and instead gives a refreshing and punchy finish.

The perfect serve of Masons Dry Yorkshire gin Tea Edition is recommended to be served with a premium Indian tonic, and a simple twist of lemon peel for a garnish. Perfect!

Masons Gin
Buon Vino

Masons Yorkshire Gin Celebrates Third Birthday With Awards and Prizes!



Exciting things are happening for Masons Yorkshire Gin, as it prepares to celebrate its third birthday on June 11th, a date already significant as World Gin Day.

In addition, Masons have also recently been awarded both a silver for the Tea Edition and a bronze medal for the Original Edition at the prestigious 2016 San Francisco World Spirit competition in the best contemporary gin category.

In order to mark these three great achievements, Masons Gin are holding a birthday give away on the big day, which will see them award a gin and tonic gift bag to the first three people to wish them a happy birthday at every venue they are attending on the day.

The events they are attending and which the prizes will be awarded at are as follows: Filey Food Festival, Harewood House Antiques Fair, Bramham Horse Trials (in the NFU tent), Ragley Hall Great British Food Festival and the Newcastle Gin Festival.

If you’re a fan of Masons Yorkshire Gin, why not head down on June 11th to try and bag yourself a freebie.

Masons Yorkshire Gin Soon to Celebrate First Birthday

Masons Gin - Rudding Park Rose

World Gin Day 2014 is fast approaching which can only mean one thing, the quintessentially Yorkshire spirit, Masons Yorkshire Gin, is about to celebrate its first birthday! To celebrate this accomplishment, Rory Gilbert, senior bar tender at Rudding Park Hotel, has created a unique cocktail using Masons Gin, and has christened it the ‘Rudding Park Rose’. It has certainly been a spectacular first year for Masons, with some phenomenal achievements, and of course, plenty of happy customers.

The Rudding Park Rose
(Created by Rory Gilbert, Senior Bar Tender at Rudding Park Hotel)
50 ml Masons Gin
25 ml Cointreau
50 ml of Fresh Orange Juice
12.5 ml Sugar Syrup
Shaken and served over crushed ice with a splash of soda in a large balloon glass.

The turn of 2014 saw Masons getting some serious attention from both local and national press, with reviews and editorial featuring in publications ranging from The Yorkshire Post to La Di Da Magazine. But it doesn’t stop there; earlier this April Karl and Cathy Mason garnered some serious attention with interviews from the BBC, on both TV and radio, and in the same month were invited to showcase their gin at the esteemed British Embassy in Paris.

Masons Yorkshire Gin is rapidly growing, and nothing characterises this more than the recent arrival of their new custom-made 300 litre copper alembic still. Christened ‘Steve’ by Karl, the still is already busy creating the fantastic artisan spirit that many have come to love. “Interest in Masons Yorkshire Gin is growing all the time” said Karl, “and we’re hoping that soon we can get a visitor centre set up in our distillery in Bedale”, truly an exciting prospect for any locals keen to see Steve the Still in action.

Further evidence of Masons Yorkshire Gin’s success can simply be found by looking at the prestigious venues now stocking the spirit. From Michelin Starred restaurants like the Pipe and Glass, to exclusive connoisseur venues such as The London Gin Club, the list of spirit vendors rushing to stock this premium Yorkshire product is growing fast, and with Mason’s partnership with prominent distributer Gordon and McPhail in late 2013, it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

One thing is for certain, this past year has been one big success for Masons Yorkshire Gin, but it’s definitely not over yet, with many exciting events planned for the rest of 2014 and beyond, the quintessential Yorkshire spirit is set to conquer the nation!