Manchester Whisky Club Review – January

MCR Whisky Club

It came as rather a surprise to find out that Manchester is lacking a whisky club. For a city that hosts a yearly Whisky Festival with a packed crowd, there’s no shortage of interest of the subject, but to cater for those who want to meet up regularly for a chat with like-minded fans a club had to be formed.

So here we are.

The inaugural meeting of the Manchester Whisky Club, held at the Lass O’Gowrie, heralded the dawn of a new age so to speak, and even for myself, the chance to experience a couple of drams yet to grace my presence. Hosted by founder Andy Duckworth, we touched on what to expect from the club, as well as how it will all be ran. Then to the important stuff, the whiskies. No technical wording in sight, just the basic information that whether you’re a novice or professional, you’ll understand easily. Perfect for a get-together dram!

Onto the five showcased – each from a different whisky region of Scotland –

Bladnoch 10yr – 46% – Lowland

A rich raisin and dark chocolate nose with soft caramel following through. A sharp beginning on the palate but rounds off with flavours of wood and spice to create a long finish.

Arran 14yr – 46% – Island

Dry notes of vanilla and toffee on the nose but a good hit of toffee on the palate. Chocolate and spice develops a rich sweetness on the finish.

Bowmore Single Cask
Bowmore Single Cask Batch #1

Dalwhinnie 1992 Distillers Edition – 43% – Highland

Soft nose of green apples and pears that develops into a slightly sharp beginning on the palate. Mellows on the second sip into a spicy but short finish.

GlenDronach 15yr ‘Revival’ – 46% – Speyside

A nose of soft sherry but with a kick of sweetness. Coffee and hints of orange on the palate that mellow nicely on a lingering finish.

Bowmore Single Cask Batch #1, Independent Bottling By ‘That Boutiqye-y Whisky Company’ – 48.7% – Islay

High aroma of peat on the nose leading to a sharp palate. Sherry and citrus mix and mellow quickly, but develops again with hints of smoak.

Some real power-hitters in the line-up, but for me, and against what seemed to be the clear favourite of the Bowmore Single Cask, i stumped for the Bladnoch 10yr. The nose for me won my vote – captivating.

Meeting on the last Thursday of every month will be a highlight of mine now, especially as once again I can try something new in February – Tomatin whisky. There is however a waiting list for the club, but don’t fear, if the first meet is anything to go by, you’ll be clambering for available spaces.

Thanks to Katharine Sullivan who also brought along to the meet a splash of the following –

Port Dundas 20yr –  57.4%

Lots of spice on the nose with a fresh musty herbal aroma following. Rather sharp start on the palate with a powerful hit of rye and hints of white fruit. Creates a long finish.

Join Manchester Whisky Club here or follow them on Twitter at @MCRWhiskyClub and Facebook.

Check out the rest of the photos of the first meet via my Facebook page.

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