Drambuie Brand Ambassador Unveils Barrel Aged Rusty Nail Experiment


Last week, Drambuie Brand Ambassador, Bruce Hamilton, hosted an extraordinary cocktail tasting at the Bon Vivant’s Companion in Edinburgh. The tasting followed weeks of experimentation with the most classic of Drambuie cocktails – the Rusty Nail – a sublime combination of Drambuie and Scotch whisky.

Inviting a host of Scotland’s finest bartenders and brand managers to the tasting, Bruce unveiled a selection of Rusty Nails, each aged in a certain type of barrel, including rum, port, red wine, bourbon and sherry. The cocktails were served blind to the panel, alongside the original serve, to determine which was the most extraordinary variation on this classic cocktail.

Speaking at the tasting, Bruce Hamilton commented: “The objective of this tasting was to identify the most compatible and extraordinary barrel aged Rusty Nail. The results were really interesting, with the sherry barrel aged variety emerging as the favourite. My personal choices are the bourbon and port varieties.”

In the coming months, Bruce Hamilton will be taking the barrel aged Rusty Nails on tour for further industry tastings, before determining which variety will be initially rolled out to UK on trade partners.

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