Cocktail of the Week – Akashi-47

Akashi 47Another instalment from David Coveney of The Spirit Cellar, with this cocktail taking inspiration from Harry Johnson’s Black Thorn.


Glass – 


Ingredients – 

40ml of Monkey 47
35ml of Akashi-Tai Umeshu
4 Drops of Chartreuse Elixir
Flamed Lemon Zest

A crucial part of this drink is to flame the lemon zest just before stirring, then add a fresh lemon peel to the glass. Depending on how dry your ice is you may need to add around 20ml of still mineral water at the end and stir, just to dampen the 47% of the Monkey 47. If you want a drink that is slightly more driven by the Umeshu, then use Plymouth rather than Monkey 47.

David has one thing to say and one thing only – “This is well worth a try!”

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