Drambuie Brand Ambassador Unveils Barrel Aged Rusty Nail Experiment

Last week, Drambuie Brand Ambassador, Bruce Hamilton, hosted an extraordinary cocktail tasting at the Bon Vivant’s Companion in Edinburgh. The tasting followed weeks of experimentation with the most classic of Drambuie cocktails – the Rusty Nail – a sublime combination of Drambuie and Scotch whisky. Inviting a host of Scotland’s finest bartenders and brand managersContinue reading “Drambuie Brand Ambassador Unveils Barrel Aged Rusty Nail Experiment”

Drambuie Burns Night Cocktails

    Make Burns Night Extraordinary with Drambuie Drambuie tempts cocktail enthusiasts to celebrate Burns Night with two extraordinary recipes inspired by an aptly named classic cocktail – the Bobby Burns. Drambuie’s unique blend, created a little over a decade before the bard’s birth, marries aged Scotch whisky with spices, heather honey and herbs. AsContinue reading “Drambuie Burns Night Cocktails”