Auchentoshan Taste Experiments


Masterclasses that explore the concept of taste through scientific experiments in whisky, cocktails and food

Ryan Chetiyawardana

Prepare to embrace your inner scientist this summer at the Auchentoshan Taste Experiments – a series of events in London and Glasgow that will help you to understand and analyse your preferences to certain flavours.  The events, which aim to add something unique and unusual to a traditional whisky tasting, have been created by Auchentoshan Master Blender and chemist Rachel Barrie, cocktail genius Ryan Chetiyawardana (AKA Mr Lyan), coffee & taste experts DunneFrankowski and food experimentalists Rebel Dining Society.

Auchentoshan pronounced ock-un-tosh-an is an authentic Single Malt with a modern contemporary feel targeted at an emerging, whisky drinking generation.  It’s the only distillery to distil three times (rather than once or twice to remove impurities) allowing the liquid to absorb every possible characteristic from the wood as it matures in the finest oak barrels. It’s this unique process that gives it unrivalled smoothness and versatility making it the perfect mixing whisky.

The Auchentoshan Taste Experiments will transport tests usually only explored in the confines of the Master Blender’s laboratory into a fun and interactive environment. The masterclass will take you on a journey: First, an education into taste and flavour; Second, how to taste whisky and customise cocktails and thirdly investigating fermentation, distillation and maturation through food.

The events tap into a growing thirst for experiences that combine the powers of science and imagination. Through this balance of science, craft, fun and flavours the Auchentoshan Taste Experiments will provide a greater understanding of how to appreciate and enjoy Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky.

The Taste Experts:

DunneFrankowski – DunneFrankowski, are known as purveyors of fine coffee. They run lively and exciting training and talks and will be hosting the Introduction to Taste.

Ryan Chetiyawardana – The most studious of bartending gentlemen, Mr Ryan Chetiyawardana has recently ended his role as Creative Manager at The Worship

Street Whistling Shop bar in East London, where he created arguably one of the most inventive cocktail menus in the world. He is now developing Mr Lyan- a new drinking experience coming very soon.

The Rebel Dining Society – Has established itself as a driving force in the emerging conceptual dining and event scene with their desire to push the boundaries of fine dining. Immersing participants in an atmosphere that stimulates the senses and taste buds alike.

The Auchentoshan Taste Experiments form part of a wider campaign around experiments, which will see Auchentoshan invite consumers far and wide to explore taste and whisky with experiments online at

To get involved: Tickets will be available for £15 from

Auchentoshan Julep
Auchentoshan Julep

Auchentoshan Classic Julep

Ryan Chetiyawardana has created a number of summery Auchentoshan cocktails for the Taste Experiments. The Auchentoshan Classic Julep stands alone as a summer punch cocktail that can be made at home or in the on-trade.  This short, fresh serve complements the bright zesty notes of Auchentoshan Classic with fresh mint and floral elderflower liqueur. As the drink dilutes, the vanilla notes of the whisky will begin to unfold. An ideal cocktail for summer parties the Julep can be served in glass pitchers or from behind the bar in ornate punch bowls.


1 bottle Auchentoshan Classic

2 bunches mint

40g demerara sugar

200ml St German Elderflower Liqueur

Grapefruit zest


Take 1 bottle of Auchentoshan Classic, 2 bunches of mint (stems up), demerara sugar and St Germain Elderflower liqueur and mix together in a tall jug. Stir to dissolve the sugar, being careful not to tear the mint. Place in the fridge for 2 hours, along with some small cups (ideally pewter or metal).

After two hours, strain off the mint. Fill each cup with cracked ice, add 50ml of the mix. Churn, then fill with more ice. Garnish with a zest of grapefruit and a large sprig of mint.


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