First Ever Winery To Open In Central London

Londoners will soon have the chance to make their own wine using premium French grapes without leaving Zone 1, thanks to the launch of central London’s first ever winery.

Specialist winemaking equipment is currently being installed in London Cru, a unique boutique winery, which is being built in an old gin distillery in Earl’s Court.

The winery will receive its first shipment of expertly sourced grapes from vineyards in Bordeaux, Languedoc and the Roussillon in September. The fruit will be carefully transported back to London in refrigerated lorries and will reach London Cru in just 36 hours, where Londoners will be invited to get involved in the Winery’s ‘First Crush’ grape pressing.

Backed by a partnership between Cliff Roberson (founder of award-winning merchant Roberson Wine) and investor Will Tomlinson, London Cru will be run by a team of experts that include international winemaker Gavin Monery and Master of Wine student Mark Andrew.

Explaining the decision to launch the winery, Gavin Monery said; “With so many talented people creating world-class craft beers and spirits in London we thought it was time to do the same with wine, sharing the experience of making it with people who want a hands-on, informative and entertaining experience. London Cru will be the embodiment of the “Made in London” spirit, and this brand new concept fits perfectly into the city’s thriving wine scene.”

Public tours, tastings, courses and custom winemaking will be available from November onwards with the first limited edition London Cru wine expected to go on sale from mid 2014 onwards.

London Cru will also be available for hire as a unique event space.

For further information about grape pressing, tours and tastings, or to keep up to date on developments with London Cru, please visit and sign up for its newsletter, follow @LDNCRU on Twitter, or ‘like’ its Facebook page at


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