Hendrick’s Gin Unveils The Taste Of Valentine’s

Hendrick's - Raspberry Rose RoyaleThis Valentine’s Day Hendrick’s Gin brings you a taste of British grandeur with their Raspberry Rose Royale. Hendrick’s Gin is infused with the twin essences of love and romance – the rose and the cucumber. This Valentines Day, no matter what your disposition Hendrick’s has a cocktail that will provide just the right fit! For those in the mood for Rose – the Raspberry Rose Royale, crafted by renowned romancer Stuart McCLuskey founder of The Bon Vivant in Edinburgh offers the ultimate in romantic refreshment and is guaranteed to make you’re loved one feel like royalty.

Raspberry Rose Royale

25ml Hendrick’s Gin
5ml Sugar Syrup*
One fresh raspberry
topped champagne

* Sugar syrup – sugar and water boiled together

Glass: Champagne Flute

Method: Combine raspberry, Gin and sugar syrup and give three passionate shakes. Fine strain into base of flute before layering champagne on top

Garnish: One fresh raspberry

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