Ballantine’s Creates Live Exhibition Of Stay True Content With Launch Of Global Instagram Channel


Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, is bringing its brand mantra to life for fans around the world with the launch of a new global Instagram channel.

“Stay True, Leave an Impression” will be at the forefront of this new venture, with live exhibition content showcasing real people and their ‘Stay True stories’ via the social media platform.
The new channel @Ballantines_Official aims to resonate with the ever-growing number of sociable consumers who are frequent users of Instagram.

To launch the campaign, Ballantine’s took to the streets of London to find real people with great stories of how they stick to their convictions and stay true to themselves. Each person was captured with a photo and was asked the question, “What do you Stay True to?” with their answer featuring alongside their image and the hashtag #StayTruePeople.

Each individual has been treated like a magazine cover story, with theming and styling that is authentic to them, through the application of specially created filters and unique captions. Some of these results can be seen now @Ballantines_Official, with a new image to be added to the channel daily.

Followers of the channel will be asked to continue the live exhibition content, submitting their own photo and response to the same question. Ballantine’s key local markets will also contribute to this content, resulting in a unique and authentic showcase of individuals and their ‘Stay True stories’ from all over the world.

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, comments: “Ballantine’s prides itself on being a forward-thinking brand that stays true to its beliefs and convictions, just as our founder, George Ballantine, did when he created the brand almost 200 years ago.
“We admire these qualities in others so, rather than creating an Instagram channel that simply showcases our products, we wanted to stand out and honour the values that are intrinsic to our brand by creating this unique gallery in celebration of staying true. We hope our fans are inspired by each other’s stories and we look forward to seeing the gallery grow as more fans discover Ballantine’s.”

Instagram currently has over 150 million monthly active users with a growth rate of 900% year on year. Five of the top ten most active countries on Instagram in 2013 are key markets for Ballantine’s, including Brazil, Spain, Germany, Russia and Mexico.

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