A Guest Look Into Bacardi – Untameable Since 1862

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Bacardi’s recent launch of its new campaign has bought a wave of interest from both sides of the bar. For guest columnist Keeley Watts, a history lesson and a new love were the order of the day when the brand rolled into Manchester.

When asked what the most recognised rum brand in the world is, most people would be hard pushed not to think of Bacardi straight away. Love it or hate it the brand has been around for 150 years with the bat symbol instantly recognisable to most.

The Bacardi history is a colourful one with the brand still being family owned. To say they have been through a rough 150 years is an understatement. Their first distillery opened in Santiago de Cuba where they spent 10 years learning how to make rum. The discovery of fruit bats in their distillery could have been an issue but, instead, they embraced this using the symbol on their product forming their brand. As the brand grew in popularity the family opened their first distillery outside of Cuba deciding on Mexico as a new base. This was followed by their Puerto Rican distillery due to the climate being similar in the 3 countries.

Throughout their history the Bacardi family have faced some challenging times including the Cuban revolution, a devastating fire, an even more devastating earthquake not to mention prohibition. It would have been easy for the Bacardi family to decide fate wasn’t in their favour and to walk away from rum production. What actually happened is the opposite; they continued to pursue their passion, live large and not only survive but thrive against all odds.

Using this ‘survive and thrive’ attitude Bacardi bring you the launch of their untameable campaign. A £10 million investment launching this month across Glasgow, London and Manchester which started with the party to end all parties at the Albert Hall earlier this month. Industry professionals were treated to a sneak peek at the new brand, the untameable advert which is now a regular on your tv screens and the most motivational talk ever from Britain’s first triple amputee from the Afghanistan conflict. Mark echoes the untameable attitude having been told he would need a carer for life as well as never being able to walk again. He now travels the world spreading messages of positivity whilst being able to drive a regular car with no adaptations whatsoever. He’s also a business owner, an author as well as being a charity fundraiser doing some physical challenges most able bodied people wouldn’t consider yet alone be able to do. Someone you could call a true hero and someone who refused to give up the fight despite devastating circumstances.

Following the talk from Mark guests got to try the 150th anniversary blend of Bacardi which sells for £1200 trade price. The wonderfully sweet and aromatic vanilla flavours are rounded well with lots of oak to create a truly premium sipping rum. Other rums in the range include Bacardi Black, Ron Superior and their Reserva Limitada 16 year old bottle. To showcase the range guests were ushered out of the auditorium by prohibition era police officers, through an airport style check in desk into a bar where snacks were served alongside some beautiful cocktails including daiquiris and the more traditional serve cuba libres.

Prior to this tour of the Bacardi history I would have told you I wasn’t a fan of the ‘mass market’ brand. Learning the brand is still family owned and clearly passionate about their product, I’ll be at the bar lusting after their anniversary blend.

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