Cork Dry

Cork Gin

Cork Dry Gin is not a brand you would really expect to see over here within the shores of England, Scotland and Wales, but its home country of Ireland hails it as the biggest selling gin around. A bold statement perhaps, but on the odd occasion, and especially with Ireland, a home-brew outstrips even the most mainstream of brands.

Cork dry gin was first produced way back in 1793 at the Watercourse Distillery in Cork itself. It’s said that the recipe, although these days it is now created by the Cork Distilleries Company based in Midleton. Its acquisition by Irish Distillers, a Pernod Ricard subsidiary, in 1988 meant the streamlining of the gin, and boosting its profile within venues in Ireland, gaining the title of biggest selling gin in the country.

The recipe itself contains juniper oils, coriander, angelica and other rare botanicals, which themselves are combined within a triple distilled neutral grain spirit through the cold compound method.

But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Cork Dry – 37.5%

Very dry on the nose with plenty of herbal aromas with a sweetened finish. The sweet flavours follow onto the palate, with a blend of bark, deep citrus hits and a roast coffee bean finish.

A good, all-round gin, and you can see why it’s the number one selling. It’s just a good old-fashioned gin! Speaking of old-fashioned, the label features the Cork Coat of Arms, commissioned by Cork dry gin to artist Gladys Leach in 1951 to reinforce the gin’s association with the city.

One you can pick up if you’re not one for travelling to Ireland, but be prepared to enjoy if you do, it’s not kidding when it means it’s the biggest selling.

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