Nick Gentry And Crystal Head Vodka Collaborate For ‘Use Your Head’

Crystal Head vodka

Become a Part of World Famous Art

Crystal Head Vodka invite you to participate in the sensational “Use your Head” project which puts their infamous skull bottle into the hands of the world’s most ground breaking artists.

The artists have been briefed to customise a 3L Jeroboam of Crystal Head Vodka to create a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Legendary British artist Nick Gentry is one of the art-world stars chosen to lead the project – his artwork will be for sale and on display exclusively at Selfridges as part of their spectacular Christmas showcase for thousands of pounds!

Gentry’s Crystal Head Vodka sculpture will incorporate hundreds of small personal items that have been contributed by people across the
globe ranging from jewellery, watches, ornaments and handwritten notes. Nick said:

“The Crystal Head Vodka “Use Your Head” project is an iconic concept and I value the fact that it dares to be completely original. For my artwork, the public are invited to contribute personal artefacts and materials. These everyday objects are ingrained with memories and personal experiences, which are unique to each viewer. While these objects physically remain frozen in time, the meanings are constantly changing.”

Everyone’s favourite Ghostbuster and Blues Brother, Dan Aykroyd, who is also co-founder and owner of Crystal Head Vodka, has donated a very personal item to the artwork:

“My maternal grandfather served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Therefore I have included a lead figure depicting an RCMP Constable riding a black stallion.”

The “Use Your Head” project sees Nick Gentry stay true to his mission of creating “social art.” Donated material is an intrinsic necessity in Nick Gentry’s art. It is his ability to turn obsolete media into beautiful portraits that is one of the most recognisable features of his work. He regards the true subjects of his art to be in the materials, rather than the portrait he paints or sculpture he creates.

If you want to get involved in this exciting project, please send your items with a short description of your donation and its meaning to Nick’s studio, along with a return address:

FAO: Nick Gentry
c/o The Mill Co project
Unit 3
Gaunson House
N15 4QQ

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