Nick Gentry And Crystal Head Vodka Collaborate For ‘Use Your Head’

Become a Part of World Famous Art Crystal Head Vodka invite you to participate in the sensational “Use your Head” project which puts their infamous skull bottle into the hands of the world’s most ground breaking artists. The artists have been briefed to customise a 3L Jeroboam of Crystal Head Vodka to create a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. Legendary BritishContinue reading “Nick Gentry And Crystal Head Vodka Collaborate For ‘Use Your Head’”

Crystal Head Vodka – End of the World Cocktails

Inspired by the world of the supernatural and the archeological mystery of the 13 crystal heads, Crystal Head Vodka is the brainchild of iconic actor Dan Aykroyd. With the world’s predicted end this Friday 21st December-according to the Mayan Calendar- Crystal Head Vodka has created two cocktails to toast our (possible) impending doom. Should theContinue reading “Crystal Head Vodka – End of the World Cocktails”