AKA Vodka

From a customer’s point of view, you want to go for a brand that stands out to you, one that shouts “buy me!”. Poshmakers have been doing such a thing in the last few years with the release of -ish gin, accompanied by a marketing campaign that involves a lot of Soho-esque twists. But it’s not just the gin market that they’ve dabbled in though as they released the so-called ‘Secret British vodka, also known as AKA vodka’, or AKA for short.

The makers say that the brand is “unmistakably British . . . . with an air of sixties pop” and despite being ‘secret’, it can now finally be enjoyed by the vodka loving public. The background behind the brand is something akin to James Bond. It is said that in the heart of London in the late fifties, the KGB were developing a secret formula to conquer the International Vodka Market. It subsequently disappeared in mysterious circumstances until the Poshmakers discovered the formula by chance on a microfilm in a camera they came across at a vintage bazaar.

So with an air of British action, AKA is created from 100% British grain spirit and distilled five times in continuous stills, with 50% of the finished spirit re-distilled in a pot still in London. But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

AKA – 40%

A clean, soft nose with a thick hit of grain coming through. Very soft on the palate though, again a clean mouth-feel with a slight spice and a dry finish.

Not bad on its own, but I think the cocktails could win you over –

Miss Poison (otherwise known as a Lychee and Blackberry Sling)

Glass – 

Old Fashioned

Ingredients – 

50 ml AKA vodka
Fresh Blackberries
90 ml Lychee Juice
Dash of lime juice and blackberry liqueur

Method – 

Shake all ingredients in a shaker with 3 ice cubes. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass and decorate with fresh blackberries.

or perhaps 

Die Twice (otherwise known as a Vesper Martini)

Glass – 


Ingredients – 

20 ml AKA vodka
60 ml -ish London Dry gin
10 ml Lillet Blanc

Method – 

Shake all ingredients well in an ice-filled shaker until ice-cold. Strain into a Martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

Some good cocktail ideas and to be fair, uses a good vodka for its base. One to have in your drinks cabinet for sure, especially when watching James Bond. It just feels right!

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