‘Mum’s The Word’ This Mother’s Day With Hendrick’s Gin


To celebrate Mothering Sunday on the 15th March, Hendrick’s Gin brings you Mum’s The Word cocktail and the Dream Time Martini, two delectable tipples to toast to wonderful mothers the world over.

Mum’s The Word, created by our chums at Bramble, combines the unusual taste of Hendrick’s Gin with the sweet aroma of Yellow Chartreuse to create a unique refreshing libation. Or for mums looking to escape the humdrum of the ordinary, the Dream Time Martini,made with lavender and honey will open a window into a tea party of the imagination.

While Hendrick’s Gin isn’t for everyone we know these cocktails, with infusions of cucumber and rose petals to create a delightfully floral aroma, are sure to put a smile on all mother’s faces.

Hendrick’s Dream Time Martini

Ingredients for teapot: (serves 3)

150ml Hendrick’s Gin
60ml Lemon Juice
33ml Lavender Honey Syrup*

Method: Combine all ingredients in a teapot filled with cubed ice. Stir briskly and leave to sit for approximately one minute. Stir again before pouring into chilled tea cups without ice. Garnish with lemon zest.

Mum’s The Word

25ml Hendrick’s Gin
35ml Yellow Chartreuse *
10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml blue curacao
spritz of absinthe

*Purchase online from the Whisky Exchange – £30.95

Method: Stir all ingredients (except absinthe) over ice until well chilled and slightly diluted. Spritz glass with absinthe and pour in remaining ingredients.


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