Jinzu – British Gin With A Japanese Twist


Jinzu redefines the boundaries of gin Jinzu is a brand new, crafted super-premium gin that challenges the norm. Created by a young bartender named Dee Davies, Jinzu is a delicately complex liquid which combines her British roots with her passion for Japan and its unique botanical selection. Blended with a hint of sake for a smooth finish, Jinzu provides an aromatic, unexpected twist to classic cocktails and contemporary serves presenting a new experience for those seeking to explore the world of premium quality gin.

Dee Davies grew up in Somerset in South West England. By her early teens she was obsessed with Japanese culture, which was fully realised after a family trip to Japan aged 16. As a bartender working in Bristol, Dee became increasingly passionate about gin, experimenting with different brands and flavour combinations. In 2013 Dee entered Show Your Spirit, a competition that invited bartenders to submit suggestions for their ‘dream spirit’ that could become reality. Dee wanted to work with a typical British gin as her base and look to encompass her other passion – Japan.

Along her journey of discovery, Dee was inspired by the iconic Japanese flavours of delicate cherry blossom and zesty Yuzu citrus. A flavour journey from West to East, Jinzu is the marriage of British gin with the flavour of Japan. Jinzu draws on almost 250 years of British gin distilling heritage and expertise. Beginning with the craft of high quality neutral grain spirit in a copper pot still, the botanicals juniper berries, coriander and angelica are added. Travelling further east, the fresh flavours of Yuzu citrus fruit and Japanese cherry blossom are introduced, followed by the blending with premium distilled Junmai sake to provide a distinctly smooth sake finish.

Following hundreds of international entries to Show Your Spirit, Dee was selected as one of the four finalists, and after an intense bootcamp and final, was crowned champion.

Dee comments “I wanted to create a gin that would capture my two passions, British gin and Japan. It was important for my liquid to have prominent juniper notes and I felt that cherry blossom was hugely symbolic of Japan. I’m so excited to be launching my own gin, it has been quite a surreal and overwhelming year watching my idea come to life and I can’t believe that my dream spirit is now a reality!”

Named after the Japanese Jinzu River, which is lined with 1,000 cherry trees, Jinzu is presented in a beautifully simple bottle with a delicate cherry blossom branch imprint: an aerial reproduction of the Jinzu River.

Available now in bars and prestige retailers, Jinzu will be a new addition for gin and cocktail enthusiasts seeking an innovative twist to their gin experience.


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