Hendrick’s Unveil The Cucumber Hothouse And Atomising Companion


It is well known that the most content people in life are those of a horticultural inclination, and those to be found with a cocktail in hand. To celebrate these marvellous past-times Hendrick’s Gin have unveiled The Cucumber Hothouse and Atomising Companion – the ultimate apparatus for cocktail consumption.

Available from selected supermarkets across our green and pleasant land, Hendrick’s Cucumber Hothouse and Atomising Companion takes inspiration from our own peculiar hothouse in Girvan, Scotland. Presented alongside a bottle of delightful Hendrick’s Gin the Atomising Companion can be used to create the ultimate Hendrick’s Martini for a truly intriguing imbibing experience. Simply fill with vermouth and spray over a glass of chilled Hendrick’s Gin, before garnishing with a slice of recently refreshed cucumber.

The Atomising Companion is also a diminutive receptacle that ingeniously transforms liquid into a cloud of vapour. This multifarious miniature marvel can be employed for a host of undertakings including distributing effective cooling and hydration for roses and cucumbers when filled with water.

Hendrick’s and Tonic


50ml Hendrick’s Gin
150ml Tonic Water


Build in a highball ball glass over ice and garnish with three thin slices of cucumber.

Hendrick’s Cucumber Martini


100ml Hendrick’s Gin
25ml Dry Vermouth


Simply stir with ice and strain into a frozen cocktail glass garnished with a wheel of cucumber.

Hendrick’s Cucumber Hothouse and Atomising Companion pack will be available at Sainsbury’s from 21st May and other selected retailers. From £28.09.


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