The Dublin Liberties

The Dublin Liberties

Irish whiskey has seen a resurgence over the last few years as more and more cracking expressions are released, and the distilleries are booming with many looking top open over the next few years. One that has caught my eye lately though is new to the market for 2015, The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil.

The name is inspired by the Liberties area of Dublin – a part of the city known as simply as ‘Hell’ during the 18th century. Legend has it that an oak-carved devil once stood watch over the entrance to the Liberties but disappeared after some time and according to legendary tales, the carving was made into whiskey barrels “its dark power subsuming and infusing the maturing spirit”.

Developed by First Ireland Spirits, who are behind another recent release in The Dubliner, The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil is a double-distilled malt and grain whiskey, which it is then aged in bourbon casks for an undisclosed length of time by Master Distiller Darryl McNally.

Since then, in September 2016 they released the ‘Copper Alley’ expression, a limited release of 10 year single malt, finished in 30 year old Oloroso Sherry Casks. Copper Alley itself is named after one of the oldest streets in Dublin.

But how do they fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –


The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil – 46%

Soft notes of oak, with underlining hints of dark stone fruits such as blackberry and cherry on the nose. The palate enjoys soft caramel, Christmas cake with sultana and raisins. A rich, warm honey develops for a lingering finish.

The Dublin Liberties Copper Alley – 46%

Light baked pastry notes on the nose, with soft, subtle almond flakes coming through. Butter flaked pastry on the palate, with citrus rind, dried orange peel and stemmed stone fruits combining for a lingering, dry finish.

Two interesting drams from the Irish, one’s that would work perfectly as we draw closer to the winter evenings. Grab a bottle of each and see how the night takes you. Just don’t slip into the abyss  . . . . .

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One thought on “The Dublin Liberties

  1. Just had a glass of The Liberties Oak Devil in the Dingle Bar in Dublin.
    For me what stood out tasting this lovely blend was the pronounced okay notes I got.
    Really enjoyed it!

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