East London Liquor Company Announces Innovative + Sustainable Local Collaboration With Porterlight Bicycles


Independent British distillery, East London Liquor Company has announced its collaboration with Porterlight Bicycles, to offer an innovative way to deliver its range of handcrafted spirits to local customers. Handmade in North London, the bespoke cargo bicycle will deliver to local on-trade accounts around East London including Pidgin, Lardo, Lonzo, Brahms & Liszt, Noble Fine Liquor and Fin & Flounder, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of transport for the distillery’s products. This will be delivered by the same dedicated distillery team who are instrumental in the creation of East London Liquor Company’s offering, led by founder Alex Wolpert.

Wolpert says; “We are excited to partner with Porterlight Bicycles to offer this new service to our customers. Like us, Porterlight is a neighbourhood company with global vision, who value independence and honesty.”


Located in the heart of the Capital’s old spirits industry, East London Liquor Company produces exceptional and innovative spirits. Originally a glue factory in Bow Wharf, East London Liquor Company found its home in the disused industrial space and repurposed the venue to create a custom-built distillery that produces and imports a range of small-batch spirits. As the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery to find its home in East London for over 100 years, East London Liquor Company’s new Porterlight Bicycle delivery service highlights the company’s commitment to the local area.

Gin Peddler and distillery craftsman, Chris Culligan, will man the bicycle making regular local deliveries around the neighbourhood and offering his knowledge and expertise to customers.

Founded in 2008 by Lawrence Brand, Porterlight Bicycles offers cargo bikes for modern living, capable enough to serve as a car replacement but compact enough for London city living. Offering a bespoke service, each Porterlight Bicycle is built-to-order and can be used for a variety of purposes.

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