Winning Gabriel Boudier Wizard 2018 Liqueur To Be Launched


The winning liqueur of the Gabriel Boudier Wizard 2018 is to be launched globally.

Gabriel Boudier challenged the UK’s bartenders earlier in the year to create a new liqueur to join their award-winning range. The 2018 winner was Maria Vieira from East London Liquor Company (ELLC) with her homage to Dijon’s other iconic product, mustard.

The ingredients for Gabriel Boudier Mustard Liqueur are of course led by brown mustard seed from Burgundy, macerated for two weeks in fine alcohol. The supporting cast includes black mustard seed and a touch of pepper, with the balancing sweetness coming from both sugar and honey.

Jack Rackham, Managing Director of Emporia Brands, commented: “Gabriel Boudier’s
reputation as the world’s leading liqueur company partnered with Emporia’s passion and expertise for new product development and innovation, gave us for the second time the opportunity to challenge the great talent we have in UK bartenders to create a new and original cocktail liqueur. Maria’s Mustard creation is sensational and it’s mixability in a wide range of drinks has been inspiring.”

This extraordinary and original liqueur achieves the tricky feat of balancing the heat of Dijon mustard with the sweetness required of a liqueur, and Maria’s signature serve provides a new take on the classic Bloody Mary:

Mustard Mary
25 ml Mustard Liqueur
25 ml Gin or Vodka
100 ml Tomato Juice
15ml lemon juice
3 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
Pinch of salt and pepper


Mustard Collins
50ml Mustard liqueur
20ml Lemon juice
15ml sugar
Top with Soda water

On 17th August winner Maria, with Jack Rackham from Emporia, will be doing an in-store tasting at the East London Liquor Company shop in Rochester Walk, Borough Market, London to launch her winning liqueur to the public. The industry launch will be at the East London Liquor Company bar in Bow Wharf on 30th August from 5-9pm. There will be a welcome Mustard Collins on arrival, with other Dijon-inspired recipes on a collaborative East London Liquor Company and Gabriel Boudier mustard menu for the evening.

Gabriel Boudier Mustard Liqueur is available from Master of Malt at £14.95 for a 50cl bottle.

The Gabriel Boudier Wizard competition was set up in 2015 by spirits importers, Emporia Brands. The competition challenges bartenders to come up with an original liqueur or crème that is not already commercially available. The first Wizard was Sam Boulton, who created Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur.

Established in 1874, Gabriel Boudier is the only independent producer of liqueurs in Dijon still in family ownership. Their award-winning range is based on fresh ingredients, without the use of artificial flavours, and this philosophy was part of the brief to contestants. They won the Liqueur Trophy at the International Spirits Challenge in 2018 – their fourth UK trophy this decade.

The next Gabriel Boudier Wizard competition will run throughout 2019, to find an original liqueur or crème to launch in 2020. To register interest, contact Emporia Brands

Maria Vieira Named Gabriel Boudier Wizard 2018

Maria_s recipes
The final of the 2018 Gabriel Boudier Wizard competition has been won by Maria Vieira, of East London Liquor Company

The second national Gabriel Boudier Wizard final was held in Vertigo cocktail bar in Dijon, France on Monday 15th January. The top four finalists were each selected from the regional heats held throughout the UK in 2017.

The competition was setup in 2015 by spirits importers, Emporia Brands. The Gabriel Boudier Wizard competition challenges bartenders to come up with an original liqueur or crème that is not already commercially available. The winning recipe will be put into production by Gabriel Boudier and released internationally later in the year.

Established in 1874, Gabriel Boudier is the only independent producer of liqueurs in Dijon still in family ownership. Their award-winning range is based on fresh ingredients, without the use of artificial flavours, and this philosophy was part of the brief to contestants.

Finalists were judged not only on their liqueur but also on their marketing plan to launch, along with a demonstration of how the liqueur could be used both in a simple serve and in a signature serve.

The four finalists were;
Jake Mellish – Boilermaker, Nottingham – Tonka bean liqueur
James Bowker – Wilderness, Birmingham – Meadowsweet liqueur
Caitlin Tulloch – Panda & Sons, Edinburgh – Chamomile liqueur
Maria Vieira – East London Liquor Company, London – Dijon Mustard liqueur

The finalists were judged by Samuel Boulton, winner of the 2016 Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award and Yves Battault, General Manager of Gabriel Boudier.

Maria impressed the judges with a polished presentation, demonstrating a good technical understanding to produce her liqueur with the unique mustard flavour being perfectly balanced in both cocktail recipes.

Drawing her inspiration from the other well know product of Dijon, Maria’s recipe uses both black and brown mustard. Increasingly ‘foodie’ ingredients are finding their way into cocktails and this trend looks to continue in 2018.

Maria took home £1,000 on the night and will now work with Gabriel Boudier over the next six months to finalize the recipe of Mustard Liqueur that will be launched in the UK at Imbibe Live on the 2nd and 3rd July, stand B110.

The next Gabriel Boudier Wizard competition will run in 2019, to find an original liqueur or crème to launch in 2020.

Maria’s recipes

– 20ml Mustard Liqueur
– 20ml Saffron Gin
– 15ml Lemon juice
– 80ml Tomato mix
– 10ml Bloody Mary mix

– 40ml Dry Marsala
– 10ml Mustard Liqueur
– top with champagne
– 3 dashes of smoked malic acid solution.

East London Liquor Company Announces Innovative + Sustainable Local Collaboration With Porterlight Bicycles


Independent British distillery, East London Liquor Company has announced its collaboration with Porterlight Bicycles, to offer an innovative way to deliver its range of handcrafted spirits to local customers. Handmade in North London, the bespoke cargo bicycle will deliver to local on-trade accounts around East London including Pidgin, Lardo, Lonzo, Brahms & Liszt, Noble Fine Liquor and Fin & Flounder, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of transport for the distillery’s products. This will be delivered by the same dedicated distillery team who are instrumental in the creation of East London Liquor Company’s offering, led by founder Alex Wolpert.

Wolpert says; “We are excited to partner with Porterlight Bicycles to offer this new service to our customers. Like us, Porterlight is a neighbourhood company with global vision, who value independence and honesty.”


Located in the heart of the Capital’s old spirits industry, East London Liquor Company produces exceptional and innovative spirits. Originally a glue factory in Bow Wharf, East London Liquor Company found its home in the disused industrial space and repurposed the venue to create a custom-built distillery that produces and imports a range of small-batch spirits. As the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery to find its home in East London for over 100 years, East London Liquor Company’s new Porterlight Bicycle delivery service highlights the company’s commitment to the local area.

Gin Peddler and distillery craftsman, Chris Culligan, will man the bicycle making regular local deliveries around the neighbourhood and offering his knowledge and expertise to customers.

Founded in 2008 by Lawrence Brand, Porterlight Bicycles offers cargo bikes for modern living, capable enough to serve as a car replacement but compact enough for London city living. Offering a bespoke service, each Porterlight Bicycle is built-to-order and can be used for a variety of purposes.

East London Liquor Company + Death’s Door Spirits Limited Edition Collaboration Gin Available



East London Liquor Company and Death’s Door Spirits of Wisconsin, last month announced a collaborative distillation project to take place on Friday 9 October, 2015 and this one-off is still available! The respective head distillers Tom Hills and Brian Ellison produced a single gin batch of 150 bottles in honour of London Cocktail Week, using Death’s Door signature three botanicals – juniper, coriander and fennel from the USA – and East London’s 100% British wheat distillate.


Available through Master of Malt, the extremely limited bottles are numbered and adorned with a special label signed by both of the innovative, expert distillers.

Founder and President of Death’s Door Distillery, Ellison says; “Our company was created on collaboration when we began working with the farmers on Washington Island (Wis.) in 2005 to grow our organic hard red winter wheat and harvesting wild juniper berries. Fast-forward to October 2015 when we have the opportunity to distil with one of the newest and most intriguing gin distilleries in the UK on a single batch gin. It is an exciting opportunity, and we invite the industry to join us to celebrate this unique partnership.”

Founder of East London Liquor Company, Alex Wolpert says, “We are excited to have created this limited edition gin with the incredible team at Death’s Door Spirits. This is a perfectly matched partnership, with both distilleries placing value on exceptional quality, independence, innovation and honesty”.