LUX Vodka Creates An Ultra Premium Vodka Masterpiece


LUX BLACK LABEL, the first luxury Ultra Premium Vodka to be produced from the Epping based distillery, LUX has been launched in an art deco style bottle, distilled in Britain and bottled on the Copped Hall Estate.

LUX is an authentic British Ultra Premium Vodka. Its authenticity is derived from the heritage of its terroir; LUX is 7 times distilled using exclusively the finest British ingredients and bottled on the Copped Hall Estate in Epping, Essex. The production site stands on the Copped Hall Estate, a historic site dating back to the 14th century, when founded by King Harold by the site of the shrine to the holy cross, where he sought blessing before the battle of hastings, the lands then granted to his canons who grew the grains and distilled the spirits of life, which were traded widely, as far away as Rus (modern day Russia) and China. Later, the lands were taken by King Henry VIII as his hunting park, where the hunting lodge still stand today.

James Whittington, brand owner LUX COPPER HOUSE, said, it is not by chance that our Vodka has become synonymous with luxury. The quality of our ingredients, the passion in our craftsmanship and our distilling heritage guarantees the consumer’s satisfaction is long lasting. The brand is aiming for long term success in exclusive retail, high end bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Therefore, the bottle had to exhibit an elegant classic appeal, and not become a victim of a fashion fad. The aim was to create a British iconic design to withstand the tests of time.

LUX COPPER HOUSE has worked closely with the bottle designers to create an extra flint glass art deco octagonal bottle, and to emphasise the traditional look we have opted for the personal touch, a luxurious embellished paper label. Reverting to paper allows the graphics to leap out inviting the consumer to naturally run their fingers over the raised artwork.

Silver on black are our the flagship colours, enhancing the overall luxurious appeal, the brand’s medieval antecedents are highlighted through the coat of arms, such as the coronet and cartouche surrounding the Union Jack flag.

Naturally, the critics initial thoughts were of quick dismissal, an independent brand in a global market dominated by industrially produced Vodka brands, where the raw materials are sourced from China and produced on a massive industrial scale would be most challenging for an honest brand such as LUX. However, the consumer seems to know better, as in today’s day and age, the consumers have become brand aware, choosing products of authentic provenance. With an unmatched distilling heritage, LUX is the finest Ultra Premium Vodka of all time. I invite you to realise Vodka sampling at its finest.


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