The Juice Shed Company

Juicy Fuel

Meeting brand developers can be an exciting time as they start to show off their innovation, their ideas that have finally come fruition. It’s hard to stand out in a world that has such variety when it comes to the drinks scene, but I for one base Drinks Enthusiast around meeting and experiencing such, and here is a great example of the next chapter; The Juice Shed Company.

Based in Poynton in Cheshire, The Juice Shed Company are said to be the first people to produce a Cola from fruit Juice (known as Juicy Fuel. Cola), and pride themselves in not using any preservatives within their recipes, or indeed adding any sugar to sweeten.

With this mentality, they create a range of juice based drinks including ‘Wet and Juicy’ in the form of cherry and lemon, strawberry and raspberry, and apple and pear. ‘Juicy Fuel’ are another branch that see’s more simple flavours such as mixed berry, cherry and blueberry within. All use natural spring water and flavourings, with the likes of Italy being chosen as the base for most of the fruits.

It’s the ‘Juicy Fuel. Cola’ range that i’m most interested in today though. Containing spring water, juices from concentrate, grape, lemon, malted barley and natural flavouring (including Cola Nut Extract) within the original. The Cherry version keeps it similar, but adds, of course, cherry.

So how do they fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Juicy Fuel. Cola – 0%

Fresh, light notes on the nose of red grape and citrus flesh come through immediately. Good hit o the barley and cola nut on the plate, followed by almond, grape skin and a natural sweetened finish that lingers.

Juicy Fuel. Cola Cherry – 0%

Bold, rich cherry aromas on the nose, with soft grape following. A well-balanced flavour of sweet cherry and dry citrus hits the palate, offering a barley-esque finish that lingers.

An interesting take on the cola market, and one that has been recognised by local authorities and school caterers due to its natural ingredients and no added sugar. Plus it’s part of your 5 a day!

I can see why parents are placing these into lunch boxes though. It has the flavour of your standard cola brands, but tastes a lot more natural, and lacks the sensation of coating your teeth with sugar that I know a lot of kids when i was young would love to do. The cherry expression pips it for me at the moment, it just adds more depth to the profile for me, but to be fair both are worthy of giving a go, especially for adults who are looking for more of a healthier alternative to the likes of Coca Cola or Pepsi. Pick a couple up today and let me know what you think.

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