1800 Tequila Transforms Brunchtime With The ‘1800 Brunch Carousel’

1800 Brunch Carousel
1800 Tequila has created a premium interactive on-trade offering to encourage customers to build their own Bloody Marias at brunchtimes in bars – the ‘1800 Brunch Carousel’.

Under the campaign ‘Brunching 1800 Ways’ (it takes just 11 ingredients to create more than 1800 Bloody Maria variations), the ‘1800 Ways Brunch Carousel’ is a three-tier slate stand holding 27 on-trend ingredients that can be ground, pinched, crushed or mixed to taste, including umami paste, wasabi, seaweed and porcini powder.

Savoury cocktails are set to dominate in 2016 and the Bloody Maria is predicted to be one of the most talked about cocktail trends of the year. A modern and adventurous rendition of the Bloody Mary, the 1800 Bloody Maria is made with expertly aged and consistently smooth 1800 Tequila which shoulders the punch of a spiced-up tomato juice, adding a complex vegetal earthy depth of flavour.

The carousel will be presented with a 20cl bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila, alongside a recipe booklet listing ideas for six savoury drinks, including meaty, vegetable and umami influences. The booklet discusses the popular brunch phenomenon, the Bloody Maria and how the flavour profile of tequila transforms the taste of the traditional Bloody Mary.

There are a number of ways the carousel can be used in bar: It can be placed on the customer’s table for them to create their own concoctions or alternatively, the bartender can make and serve the drinks at the table. It can also be placed on the bar, where the bartender can make the drink and the customer can customize their Bloody Maria using the carousel.

Tequila is not just for shooting or for the darker recesses of the weekend – it’s one of the most versatile white spirits out there and it is perfect in a Bloody Maria at brunchtime. The ‘1800 Brunch Carousel’ creates a sense of occasion for the drinker and also gives the vendor a valuable offering, creating word of mouth for the bar and the serve.

The ‘1800 Brunch Carousel’ will be available in Bourne & Hollingsworth and other high-end brunch venues across London from July 2016. The initiative will be supported with the ‘1800 Brunch Saloons’, lively gatherings and discussions over brunch, hosted by the comedy duo The Thinking Drinkers, which are being rolled out in brunch venues and festivals over the summer.

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