The Limited-Edition Fever54 at The Savoy

The Future Laboratory, World Class Future of Cocktails Report has revealed that as consumers are increasingly exploring their emotions and looking for more interesting emotional stimulation, restaurants and bars are thinking of new and creative ways to offer experiences which resonate with their feelings.

Future-facing bars are using scent to enhance the sensory experience of the cocktail, and to activate a deeper, emotional connection through the sense of smell and taste.

The Fever 54 at the Beaufort Bar
Embracing this trend, renowned fragrance house The Perfumer’s Story, known for its ground-breaking scents and iconic client portfolio, has partnered with ultra premium gin Tanqueray No. TEN and The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar to create a cocktail that is inspired by the fragrance and emotions of The Perfumer’s Story’s signature perfume. The Fever 54 is often described as “provocative, confident and fun” and Kyle Wilkinson at The Beaufort Bar has replicated this effect within his cocktail:
Fever 54 
Tanqueray No. TEN 
Lemon juice
Sandle wood maraschino 
Banana and violet falenum 

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