1724 Tasting Notes


There’s a growing demand for tonic water these days. I touched on the stigma of the category a while back, and since then a new boy on the block has taken the reigns and positioned itself as a top runner for bars to use. I give to you 1724.

1724 I hear you say? 1724 is the number of metres above sea level in the Andes, Argentina. It’s here that quinnine was discovered along the Inca trail and became the starting point of the tonic water craze.  It’s exclusively made from natural ingredients including Chinchona bark, which is harvested by hand in Peru, and the world’s purest water from Patagonia.

But how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –


Gentle with a slight floral quinine aroma on the nose. Very smooth on the palate with subtle flavours of sweetner and citrus blended with a very low carbonation. Refreshing with a lingering finish.

The most common partner with tonic is gin, but vodka works just as well –

1724 Vodka and Tonic

Glass – 


Ingredients –

1 twist of lemon peel
4 Green cardamon pods
200 ml 1724 Tonic Water
50 ml Premium Vodka (U’luvka, Ciroc, Grey Goose or Chase are recommended)

Method –

Combine vodka, 1724 tonic water, a long twist of lemon peel and 5 green caradamon pods in an ice filled glass.

Not a bad tonic at all, and rather versatile too. It’s always good to come across a tonic water that can complement some great brands of vodka, gin, aperitif and even cachaça. Make sure you ask for the brand if you come across it in your local bar, and it’s perfect to have in your fridge at home too.

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