Sibling Triple Distilled Gin Joins Harvey Nichols Prestigious Drinks Cabinet


Sibling Distillery was launched by four siblings on June 4th 2014, with Gin and Tonic party attended by well over 200 people in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Since then it has been a busy couple of months for the Elliott-Berry family, selling into cocktail bars and independent retailers in Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath and London. The Triple Distilled Gin has been amazingly well received, already making it onto the cocktail lists of several very successful cocktail bars and becoming the fastest selling spirit in renowned specialist retailers.

However ‘the next step’ has come sooner than they imagined. Within two months of trading Sibling Distillery will be launching into Harvey Nichols, nationwide including stores in Manchester, Knightsbridge, Edinburgh and Dublin. Wine and spirits buyer Ivan Dixon says “Sibling is an exciting addition to the gin scene that boasts a refreshing point of difference and massive appeal. Representing an excellent example of contemporary craft gin, Sibling combines a unique background story with beautiful packaging and an exceptional liquid.” Sibling Triple Distilled Gin will be in stores from Friday 22nd August, and over the following few months Sibling Distillery will be conducting tastings in stores across the UK and Ireland.

‘It’s Gin-etics’ – Siblings Launch New Distillery

In spring 2014 Sibling Distillery is launching its first premium small batch Gin. Based in the Battledown area of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the company is owned and run by four siblings, all under 23. the

This young quartet has accumulated a total of over 30 years of experience in the drinks and catering industries, growing up working alongside their parents in the family brewery. Three of them have run their own successful businesses and between them have collected a variety of national and international awards. Working in restaurants and bars has helped all of them with their market research. “I love being part of the team, I find it very exciting. I am a thrill seeker and I look forward to playing a bigger role as soon as possible” says Digby, 15. Working in restaurants and bars has helped all of them with their market research. With the aim of running businesses themselves they realised that their best business partners would be those they had grown up with for many years shared ideas and aspirations. “We are all fiercely competitive and extremely determined so I guess together we will be a force to be reckoned with” jokes Clarice, 20.

The Elliott-Berry’s founded the company to produce a unique gin using their crystal distillery, a stunning revolutionary design made of glass and steel, the first of its kind in Europe. It allows them to monitor, observe and improve the gin at every step, allowing absolute precision and accuracy. Felix, 22 explains “the still looks amazing when it’s in action, the glass column is 12ft tall and very impressive. We are able to monitor and adjust during the run which makes blending unnecessary, so there is no compromise on flavour.”

Inspired by their love of cocktails especially those containing gin, they belong to the new generation of gin-drinkers, always out to expand the horizon of this amazingly versatile spirit. Using an unusual recipe containing a base of grain and green vegetables, Sibling produces a high quality 42% gin in a striking cubic bottle. Cicely says, “The Sibling brand came about very instinctively; it was less about ‘designing’ the brand and more about consolidating four people into one character.”