The Glenfiddich Burns Night Experiment

On January 25th, Glenfiddich hosted ‘The Glenfiddich Burns Night Experiment’ at ProVision Studios in Hoxton. In partnership with innovators from beyond the whisky world, Glenfiddich pushed the boundaries of Burns’ Night traditions to celebrate the life of Scotland’s most famous poet. Experimenting has always been at the heart of Glenfiddich. It is by keeping anContinue reading “The Glenfiddich Burns Night Experiment”

Glen Grant Whisky Toasts Burns Night With A Haggis Cocktail

For Burns Night, multi award-winning Scotch Whisky, Glen Grant, has partnered with The Bon Vivant bar in Edinburgh to create the ‘The Chieftain’, a haggis-infused cocktail named after Robert Burns’ famous description of Scotland’s national dish, the “great chieftain o’ the pudding race”. Created by Will Cox of The Bon Vivant, The Chieftain’s recipe isContinue reading “Glen Grant Whisky Toasts Burns Night With A Haggis Cocktail”

Introducing A Unique And Peculiar New Take On The Tradition Of Burns’ Night

Burns’ Night is known for many things: the tribute to renowned, radical poet Robert Burns, the ceremonious supper and ‘Address to the Haggis’, the spellbinding sound of bagpipes, but this Burns’ Night, there will be one other curious addition – Hendrick’s Gin. Confirming our firm belief that beyond the bagpipes, the neeps and tatties, thisContinue reading “Introducing A Unique And Peculiar New Take On The Tradition Of Burns’ Night”

Raise A Toast To All Things Scottish This Burns Night At Smith & Whistle

Smith & Whistle, Mayfair’s most stylish local, will host a four-day celebration [22-25 January] of all things Scottish, culminating on Burns night itself. A hearty dose of Scottish hospitality is the perfect antidote to the cold weather and the team at Smith & Whistle has designed a special menu of classics from north of theContinue reading “Raise A Toast To All Things Scottish This Burns Night At Smith & Whistle”

Burns Night At Merchants Tavern

Head Chef Neil Borthwick (a Scot himself, through and through) at Merchants Tavern in Shoreditch has hatched a bespoke menu to celebrate this great Scottish tradition in true Tavern style. Expect his usual seasonal fare with a distinctly Scottish stamp including haggis croquettes, red deer, a mouth-watering Scottish heather and honey tart and Isle ofContinue reading “Burns Night At Merchants Tavern”

Make This Burns Night Extraordinary With Drambuie

This Burns Night, Drambuie tempts discerning drinkers to celebrate Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, with more than just a wee dram. The origins of Drambuie lie in a secret recipe first created 269 years ago on the Isle of Skye off the West coast of Scotland. A blend of the finest aged Scotch whisky, spicesContinue reading “Make This Burns Night Extraordinary With Drambuie”

Drambuie Burns Night Cocktails

    Make Burns Night Extraordinary with Drambuie Drambuie tempts cocktail enthusiasts to celebrate Burns Night with two extraordinary recipes inspired by an aptly named classic cocktail – the Bobby Burns. Drambuie’s unique blend, created a little over a decade before the bard’s birth, marries aged Scotch whisky with spices, heather honey and herbs. AsContinue reading “Drambuie Burns Night Cocktails”