Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne

So yesterday was that most unusual day where women had the opportunity to propose to their partners. Over the past month, Hendrick’s have taken advantage of this peculiar time by running the ‘Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest’ and ‘School for Scoundrels’ at bars around  the country, teaching the aspects of how to woo your man, or how to counteract your ladies advances. The school exam culminated to one day – Wednesday 29th February, where on the banks of the River Thames, Hendrick’s throne was set up for the chance to propose, with a Hendrick’s cocktail thrown in for good measure!

By all accounts it was a great success, with couples enjoying the peculiarity of the day, and the odd choice of venue with the back drop of Big Ben. But then again, what did you expect from Hendrick’s?!

Click here for more pictures from the proposal throne!

3 thoughts on “Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne

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