Experience The Taste Of Summer With Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick's Cocktails

Hendrick’s Gin invites you to experience a taste of summer with a decidedly delectable array of cocktails, created to invigorate and revitalise the tastebuds during the season of sunshine. With our green and pleasant land in full bloom and temperatures soaring, there is nothing more inviting than a delightfully refreshing tipple. Infused with the delicate essence of rose and cooling cucumber Hendrick’s Gin is the perfect summer-serve to be enjoyed in reflective solitude or surrounded by fellow gin lovers.

Whether it’s the delicate mix of elderflower cordial with the sharp bite of mint leaves in the Hendrick’s Summer Mule, or the zesty refreshment of a Flora Dora these Hendrick’s cocktails, created by Hendrick’s British Ambassador, Duncan McRae are the most stimulating summer drinks for all discerning individuals. For afternoons of relaxation with chums, the marvelously fruity Hendrick’s Summer Punch is the elixir of choice to be sipped and shared.

This summer turn your own fair hand to the art of cocktail making and try one of these charming Hendrick’s cocktails.

Flora Dora


40ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Raspberry Syrup
Topped with Ginger Beer


Build all ingredients in a high ball over cubed ice. Churn and serve.

Hendrick’s Summer Punch


500ml Hendrick’s Gin
200ml Lemon Juice
70ml Elderflower Cordial
30ml Maraschino Liqueur
20ml Lovage Cordial
1000ml Cloudy Apple Juice


Combine all ingredients together in large punch bowl, plant pot, teapot, or any other suitable vessel. Add plenty of summer fruits (strawberries, raspberries, cucumber, lemon wheels) and a handful of ice. Serve in teacups over cubed ice.

Hendrick’s Summer Mule


50ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Elderflower Cordial
8 Mint Leaves
1 Inch Cucumber
Topped with Ginger Beer


Add cucumber to glass and break with muddler. Add other ingredients and build all together over cracked ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish.

For more information on HENDRICK’S Gin and for more cocktail recipes visit, http://www.hendricksgin.com

Hendrick’s Gin And Hannah Martin Unveil Exquisite Limited-Edition Hip Flask


Hendrick’s Gin and fine jewellery designer Hannah Martin have created a luxury limited-edition hip flask that will be available exclusively at Harrods this Christmas.

Presented in a handmade leather travelling bag with a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin and a bespoke silk and cashmere scarf from Scottish tailors Walker Slater, this luxurious item is the perfect Christmas gift for uniquely stylish men and women the world over.

Combining the contemporary with the traditional, each limited edition glass vessel isindividually hand-blown and diamond-embossed by artisans in Norfolk, and then encased in green leather.

Commenting on the hip flask, friend of Hendrick’s, Hannah Martin, said:
“We’ve long been fans of Hendrick’s Gin – for years it’s been our gin of choice, so when the chance to work together came up, it felt like an honest partnership. The colours are inspired by that of Hendrick’s and the back of the hip flask neatly follows the same curve as the Hendrick’s bottle. The flask is made entirely by hand using specialist UK craftsmen – another very important factor for me, and for Hendrick’s. It was a pleasure working with a company that holds the same craftsmanship values as our own, and believes in creativity and ‘unusual’ thinking as much as we do.”

Duncan McRae, Hendrick’s British Ambassador, said:
“For a long time we’ve admired Hannah Martin’s work for its ability to blend heritage, tradition and luxury with a sense of the unusual. The hip flask is an object that is currently much maligned, however it was once considered an accessory of high fashion, and carries with it a rich history of ritual, stories and of course adventure. By creating this exquisite hip flask with Hannah, we hope to revive this grandtradition and encourage people to once again enjoy the act of sharing hip flask drinks with their nearest and dearest. We’ve also been working with some of the UK’s best bartenders to create a series of delightful hipflask cocktail serves – prepared and enjoyed without ice – the perfect concoctions to savour when out and about. ”

Before declining in popularity in the late 20th Century, hip flasks were a fashionable accoutrement of the upper classes, who used them to create, carry and share spirituous concoctions when they were out and about in town and country.

Just 50 Hendrick’s hip flask gift packs will be available online and in-store at Harrods from November 2013 at an RRP of £795.

Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge in Edinburgh

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The delightfully diverting HENDRICK’S Carnival of Knowledge – a unique travelling parlour of enlightenment – will offer intellectual sustenance to all minds at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe (8th – 11th August 2013).

The time has come to reawaken, revive and restore our spirit of curiosity, and once more take delight in the unique and the unusual. HENDRICK’S Carnival of Knowledge brings together the nation’s most expert experts (and erudite amateurs), to create and curate cognitive collaborations designed to stimulate the mind as well as the taste buds.

Within the decadent environs of One Royal Circus, Edinburgh, The Carnival will feature a delightful cocktail bar for all to enjoy, as well as a packed programme of interesting diversions and entertainments such as:

A Feast of Learning: Cooked & presented by The Clove Club. Prepare to have your mind & body nourished and your spirit of curiosity revived in a unique voyage of culinary discovery! Deep within the opulent surroundings of One Royal Circus, a cornucopia of curious courses, delicious cocktails and diverting entertainments will be presented for your delight and delectation by world-renowned chefs, The Clove Club. Saturday 10th August, 7.30-11pm (Tickets £65 – limited to 32 for the evening)

Edinburgh: A Literary City: Join Allan Foster, author of ‘The Literary Traveller in Scotland: A Book Lover’s Guide’, as he reveals the curious and hidden literary tales that make Edinburgh the most storied of cities. Thursday 8th August, 4:30 – 5:30pm (Tickets £12 including one delightful cocktail – limited to 30 per session)

Last Tuesday Society – Why let death get in the way of a good conversation? The Last Tuesday Society welcomes Professor Richard Wiseman for an evening of ectoplasm and uncanny spectacle as we cross over to the other side and communicate with the deceased. Don’t miss the chance to speak to Arthur Conan Doyle or quip with Oscar Wilde as tables wobble and levitate off the floor. Tickets include one delightful cocktail. Saturday 10th August, 1.30-3.30 and 6-4pm (Tickets £12 – limited to 10 per session)

Literary Salon: Damian Barr brings his celebrated Salon from Shoreditch House to Edinburgh. Join him for exclusive readings and revealing interviews with some of the world’s best writers. Guests include the formidably fabulous Janice Galloway and the most marvelous Maggie O’Farrell. Tickets include one delightful cocktail. Thursday 8th August, 8.30-10.30pm (Tickets £12 – limited to 30 per session)

Granta – How to read a story: Learn how to banish stage fright to deliver a BAFTA-worthy performance with stand up comedian Viv Groskop (author of stand up memoir I laughed, I cried), Literary Death Match co-host and Executive Producer, Suzanne Azzopardi. Bring your own work to read or practice with a past Granta story. Tickets include one delightful cocktail. Friday 9th August, 7.30-8.30pm (Tickets £12 including one delightful cocktail – limited to 30 for the session)

Sunday lunch in 2063 Project: Award winning mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan) and Shay Ola founder of the Rebel Dining Society present a curious culinary collaboration like no other. Set 50 years in the future, this short lecture followed by a thought provoking dining experience explores our relationship between sustainability and the future of the food & drink we consume. Cocktails included. Sunday 11thAugust, 4-5.30pm (Tickets £20 – limited to 30 per session)

(and last but certainly not least) Hendrick’s Parlour Bar: Nourish both your mind and your taste buds in Hendrick’s Parlour Bar. Unusual characters, eye-opening wisdom and exquisite cocktails await the curiously-minded. Join us and reawaken your spirit of curiosity in the decadent One Royal Circus! Be seated and enjoy luxuriant libations served by some of the world’s finest bartenders. Thursday 8th August – Sunday 11th August, from 12-11pm (free admission, capacity 40)

Commenting on HENDRICK’S at Edinburgh Fringe, Duncan McRae, HENDRICK’S British Ambassador, said: “We’re extremely excited to be bringing the Carnival of Knowledge to the home of Hendrick’s Gin. Guests at The Edinburgh Fringe can expect to have their minds tickled and expanded through attending one of our intriguing lectures, their thirsts quenched with decadent cocktails from our cocktail bars and their stomachs filled during a most unusual banquet event. With such a variety of incredible entertainments on offer, Hendrick’s Gin contribution to this years’ will be a unique experience for lovers of Gin and literature everywhere.”

HENDRICK’S CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE will be located at One Royal Circus from 8th–11th August 2013.

Subsequent to its Edinburgh engagement, the Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge will tour these wondrous British Isles, sharing the gift of ENLIGHTENMENT far and wide.

For information on HENDRICK’S CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE, visit: http://www.hendricksgin.com/carnivalofknowledge to reserve places and book tickets, register at http://www.edinburghfringe.org

A Punch this Christmas, with Hendrick’s Gin

In this time of festive cheer, Hendrick’s Gin, proprietor of the exquisite and unusual, has partnered with the most esteemed of cocktail creators to offer a solution to Christmas entertaining quandaries, and in doing so bring to your attention the almostforgotten mastery of punch.


At a time of year when merriment with those dearest and nearest is at the forefront of our festive schemata, punch brings people together:  It is a truth self-evident that everyone sharing the same quaff has a most charming effect on the atmosphere of a room.


Dismissed by most, punch often reminds people of their first fumbles into the world of alcohol, and terrible concoctions of almost poisonous presence.  But this most certainly does not have to be the case, for in times past, punch was the quintessential drink for many, as expounded in hazy Victoriandescriptions of bowls of punch that “awaken in the soul all the finer emotions of sensibility and friendship.”


Even the great Charles Dickens took pleasure in making and serving punch at home, with the ritual worthy of Mr Micawber himself as documented in David Copperfield, “he stirred, and mixed, and tasted, and looked as if he were making, instead of punch, a fortune for his family down to the latest posterity.”


Over the Christmas period, why not partake in the ritual of punch, providing a shared experience of drinking that few other drinks can claim. There really is no better way to share the chronicles of life and subsequent laughter than around a bowl of enchanting punch!


And so with that, Hendrick’s has but a few things left to say, recipes namely:


Eden Special Fizz, Created by Jason Scott of the Bramble Bar, Edinburgh



500ml Hendrick’s Gin

250ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

150ml home made cherry liqueur or Cherry Heering (to taste)

1 bottle champagne

1 lemon



Steep sliced lemon rounds in the first 3 ingredients overnight. Pour into punch bowl filled with ice and add champagne just before service.


Glass: champagne saucer

Garnish: lemon rounds



Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch
Hendrick’s Purl, Created by Tristan Stephenson of Purl, London



150ml Hendrick’s Gin

1 litre of good quality hoppy ale 200ml cloudy apple juice 5 slices of satsuma 1 cinnamon stick 90g sugar 5g hops 2 cloves 1 dessert spoon honey 2 large splashes of Angostura Bitters 1 whole star anise


Heat ingredients in a pan.  Simmer for 20 minutes then strain the hops out and serve with satsuma slices and a stick of cinnamon to garnish.


Glass: Teacup

Garnish: Satsuma slices and cinnamon stick


Mr Micawber’s Favourite, Hot Gin Punch

Created by Hendrick’s British Ambassador Duncan McRae, a subtly tweaked recipe inspired by Dickens’ very own recipe from David Copperfield



Three full teacups of Hendrick’s Gin

Another three of Madeira wine

Three cloves

Pinch grated nutmeg

Large teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Two teaspoons brown sugar

Six large lemon and orange twists

Small slice orange

One fresh pineapple

Four large spoons honey

Juice of two lemons



Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and place on the heat. Let the concoction simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Taste, adding lemon or honey depending on whether you prefer sweet or sour.  When it’s ready, pour into a teapot and serve in teacups or alternatively in a traditional punch bowl. This punch can be reheated should you wish to prepare it prior to a gathering. This punch is best simmered for half an hour or more– allowing the pineapple time to soften and caramalise. Pineapples (one of the most exotic ingredients one could get hold of) would have been a real treatduring the Victorian Era, making this punch a genuine celebration.

Hendrick’s Gin Presents An Unusually Literary Banquet at London Cocktail Week



Gin has fuelled many legendary writers, unforgettable characters and gripping plots. During London Cocktail Week (LCW), 8th-14th October, HENDRICK’S GIN & Chef Giorgio Ravelli from UPSTARIS at THE TEN BELLS, will explore this delightfully peculiar legacy with a culinary, literary and botanically-infused meandering through GIN in LITERATURE.

James Bond seduces femme fatales over a lethal Martini — shaken, not stirred – and in David Copperfield, Mr Micawber’s melancholy evaporates as he prepares his special spiced punch.  F. Scott Fitzgerald pens Jay Gatsby roaring through the Twenties downing Rickeys and Slings.  From humble origins in the 17th century to its modern day renaissance, gin has long played a starring role in popular culture. HENDRICK’S Unusual Literary Banquet shall explore this journey through the ages, in an enlightening evening of culinary delights and genteel quaffing.

On Thursday 11th October, hosted by Hendrick’s Commander of Special Operations, David Piper, 40 willing participants will be captivated by a BANQUET from the much-lauded culinary minds from UPSTAIRS at THE TEN BELLS.  Head Chef Giorgio Ravelli and Issac McHale have created a menu in tune with the changing season, featuring Game birds and autumnal fruits, to be paired with a number of novel libations created by Hendrick’s British Ambassador Duncan McRae, and all delicately interspersed & introduced with enlightening extracts from Dorothy Parker, Charles Dickens, Kingsley Amis and more.

In the resplendent surrounds of this historic 18th century public house, guests will be treated to four courses prepared by the team from UPSTAIRS at THE TEN BELLS, who after opening as a pop-up restaurant last November have become a jewel in London’s dining crown.  The BANQUET is a unique opportunity to sample the delights of these culinary masterminds ahead of their much anticipated Shoreditch Town Hall opening this winter.

Commenting on the Gin in Literature, David Piper, said:  “The greatest characters in literature tend to be great drinkers, and their favourite tipple? Gin. The history of literature is, in many ways, the history of alcohol—making stories up and mixing cocktails are analogous activities. “

  • HENDRICK’S Unusually Literary Banquet is priced at £60 per person, with 40 places available and will include a menu of 3 snacks, 4 courses and matching cocktails. To reserve tickets register at www.londoncocktailweek.com

Follow us on twitter for live updates; @hendricksginuk #HGBanquet and on Facebook /HENDRICKSGIN

Hendrick’s Unusual Preposterous Proposal Throne

So yesterday was that most unusual day where women had the opportunity to propose to their partners. Over the past month, Hendrick’s have taken advantage of this peculiar time by running the ‘Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest’ and ‘School for Scoundrels’ at bars around  the country, teaching the aspects of how to woo your man, or how to counteract your ladies advances. The school exam culminated to one day – Wednesday 29th February, where on the banks of the River Thames, Hendrick’s throne was set up for the chance to propose, with a Hendrick’s cocktail thrown in for good measure!

By all accounts it was a great success, with couples enjoying the peculiarity of the day, and the odd choice of venue with the back drop of Big Ben. But then again, what did you expect from Hendrick’s?!

Click here for more pictures from the proposal throne!

Anthology of Gin Review

Hendrick’s. A gin that signifies the quirky, the pompus and the extraordinary – and they didn’t disappoint! Taking over a small premises near Covent Garden, they transformed the place into a Victorian haven full of extravagant ornaments, quaint wooden tables, a traditional stall serving Hendrick’s cocktails and even a Hendrick’s bath! The tasting session i was to embark on though was situated down a flight of wooden stairs leading to a ‘theatre’, with wooden chairs and tables scattered around and Victorian styled umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Duncan McRae (the Hendrick’s UK ambassador) was on hand to greet us all with a G & T as we sat to listen about the history of Hendrick’s.

Hendrick's bath & gin

Launched in 1999, the history of Hendrick’s Gin actually goes way back to 1860 where the Bennet still was created in London, and the Carter-Head still in 1948 by John Dore & Co. Both these copper stills were bought by Charles Gordon (the great-grandson of William Grant) in 1966 at a London auction and after some restoration work, the first beginnings of Hendrick’s Gin were put in motion.

The distillation process of Hendrick’s Gin combines the two spirits from both the Carter-Head and Bennet stills to create the finished Hendrick’s product.

The Bennett still allows most of the flavour characteristics of the botanicals to pass into the spirit. The still is filled with neutral spirit and the botanicals are added to the liquid, along with  water. This is left to steep for 24 hours and then heated. As the pot begins to boil, vapour moves up the short column of the still and makes its way to the condenser. There, the vapours are turned back to liquid and collected.
The Carter-Head method of production differs, with only the neutral spirit and water added to the pot of this still. All the botanicals used with the Carter-Head are added to a flavour basket at the top of the still. Rather than boiling the botanicals, (which produces the strong spirit of the Bennett still) the Carter-Head bathes the botanicals in just the alcohol vapours. As these rise up through the still, they enter the base of the flavour basket. Inside the flavour basket, the botanicals are held in copper baskets, which hold them together while allowing the vapours to be fully exposed. As the evaporated alcohol moves through the botanicals, it extracts flavours from them. These are then carried out of the basket along with the alcohol until they reach the condenser. Only the lighter, floral and more sweeter flavours are extracted by this method.
The combining of the spirits from each still, with the addition of cucumber and rose-petal essence, creates the final product.

Laid out in front of us were 7 different tasting glasses, each with a different step of the Hendrick’s distillation process. Below are my tasting notes on each one –

Bennet Still Distillation – 80%

Concentrated juniper on the nose, with spice, citrus and pepper mixed in. The palate intensified the aromas but a little water added created an earthy, chocolate flavour. It was noticeable to see oils forming from the botanicles too.

Carter-Head Distillation – 80%

Lighter on the nose and palate than the Bennet still with no main flavour hitting the senses.

The Distillates Combined

A mix of both Bennet and Carter-Head stills, a high and intense flavour with a strong juniper flavour.

Cucumber & Rose Petal (both in separate tasting glass)

A very high concentration of both with strong flavours.

Hendrick’s Gin Uncut – 80%

A subtle scent on the nose yet the palate encounters a very strong, potent mix of juniper, cucumber and rose petals, with a kick just before it mellows for a long after-taste.

Hendrick's Umbrellas

Hendrick’s Gin – 41.4%

Small mixes of cucumber, rose and juniper on the nose create a mouth-watering effect on the palate that enjoys a smooth and very well-balanced gin. Clean and crisp on the after-taste.

I unfortunately had to duck out fairly quickly to get to my next event for the London Cocktail Week, but I enjoyed an interesting insight into a unique history of what I can safely say is now one of my favourite gins. Duncan also recommended a classic reading material too – The Mixellany Guide to Gin by Geraldine Coates
I’ll be sourcing that one some time soon!

If you ever get the chance to sample Hendrick’s Gin, take it. You might be pleasantly surprised!
You can check out the Hendrick’s Gin website here – http://www.hendricksgin.com

Purchase a bottle here – http://www.corksout.com/products/Hendrick%27s-Gin.html


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