Liqueur Coffee Tasting Notes

liqueur coffee

Right around the time of Lu Lin Tea’s contacting me, I noticed another brand on Twitter going by the name of Liqueur Coffee. They haven’t been around for long but I wondered how instead of seeing how cocktails and coffee mix together, but coffee and spirit mixing in general aka liqueur coffee’s that you would find on any bar menu. Intrigued to see how versatile the Liqueur Coffee range were, I asked for a few samples and began experimenting.

Liqueur Coffee Fairtrade Organic Java

Rich nose with a slight earth aroma coming through. Bold flavours of damp earth mix with hints of spice on the palate to create a long finish.

With Locke’s 8yr – Ripe, fruity nose with the spice of the coffee more dominant. Rather strong yet light on the palate with a perfume feel.
With Baileys – Deep, bold and creamy on the nose with a velvet texture on the palate. Earth notes come through slowly.

liqueur coffeeLiqueur Coffee Vincenza

Light and creamy on the nose with a fresh, smooth citrus finish on the palate.

With Monkey Shoulder – Fresh citrus zest on the nose with a slight sharpness. Smooth palate with a kick in the middle, but returns to a light lingering finish.
With Havana Club 7yr – Very light and fruity on the nose with a well-balanced palate and a hint of vanilla near the end.

Liqueur Coffee Blue Mountain Blend

Sharp, strong nose of sweet fudge, with the sweetness carrying onto the palate, and bitter malt coming through.

With Monkey Shoulder – Fudge notes with subtle citrus aromas on the nose, a more well-rounded palate with the sweetness coming though more.
With Locke’s 8yr – Dry fruit scents on the nose with a strong flavour of fresh malt on the palate that created a lingering finish.

Personally, the Vincenza seemed to be the most versatile when it came to the blending with spirits. Cream liqueurs I’d recommend to float on top (i didn’t within my experiment) but all three were great on their own, with Blue Mountain Blend my favourite.

As you can imagine, these can be easily recreated at home, and I’m sure you’ll even start to see Liqueur Coffee in a cafe near you soon.

Check out the rest of the photos via my Facebook page.

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