New Caribbean Inspired Bar and Café to Open in South Manchester

#BeInspired A new Caribbean inspired venue is to open within King’s Court of Altrincham, South Manchester on July 20th, 2018. Dave Marsland of Drinks Enthusiast Ltd has chosen the attractive leisure and office complex of King’s Court and its secluded courtyard off one of the main streets of the Cheshire town as the home ofContinue reading “New Caribbean Inspired Bar and Café to Open in South Manchester”

Coffee Culture Meets Cocktail Hour For The Coffee Revolution

A nation of coffee lovers are now enjoying their favourite drink from morning cup through to evening cocktail, as the UK’s love for coffee booms. Research shows that almost half of cocktail drinkers regularly choose flavoured cocktails including those mixed with coffee (source: CGA Mixed Drinks Report 2016). From the classic Espresso Martini, to newContinue reading “Coffee Culture Meets Cocktail Hour For The Coffee Revolution”

Mr Black

Coffee liqueurs are a staple of many a bar and restaurant, with the likes of Tia Maria and Kahlua some of the mainstays. But as with a lot of spirits these past few years, there’s been a call for some re-imagination. Mr Black, the cold press coffee liqueur, is such that. Back in 2012, twoContinue reading “Mr Black”

Gemma Cairney Unlocks The Door To The Tia Maria Dark Room

Stylish curator holds key to ultimate girls’ night out as unique series of events sweeps the UK 16th and 17th May see The Tia Maria Dark Room fling open its glamorous doors, making its debut in Manchester before taking Nottingham (4th and 5th July), Glasgow (15th and 16th August) and London (10th and 11th October)Continue reading “Gemma Cairney Unlocks The Door To The Tia Maria Dark Room”

Liqueur Coffee Tasting Notes

Right around the time of Lu Lin Tea’s contacting me, I noticed another brand on Twitter going by the name of Liqueur Coffee. They haven’t been around for long but I wondered how instead of seeing how cocktails and coffee mix together, but coffee and spirit mixing in general aka liqueur coffee’s that you would find onContinue reading “Liqueur Coffee Tasting Notes”