Ron Mocambo Tasting Notes


If you say the word Mexico to anyone within the bar trade, they will more than likely think of tequila. Nothing wrong with that as Mexico is famous for it. But there is another category other than tequila and mezcal that is also produced within the country – rum.

Ron Mocambo comes from Córdoba, a city within the Mexican state of Veracruz. Córdoba was the location of the signing of the ‘Tratados de Córdoba’ between Don Agustín de Iturbide and Juan de O’Donojú in August 1821, resulting in the recognition of the Independence of Mexico and beginning the process of the Independence of the Americas. For centuries since, alongside the development of the New World, Ron Mocambo has been refined within the tropical, warm and humid climate of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It also comes housed within a unique bottle – a handmade glass pistol.

Ron Mocambo is produced at the small, family-owned Licores Veracruz distillery in Veracruz. Natural yeast are used to ferment the molasses and sugar cane juice in continuous column and pot stills respectively. After distillation, filtering and aging, the rum is bottled at the distillery.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample one of their range, so below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Ron Mocambo 1821 – 40%

Aged for 10 years. A rich sweetness on the nose with lots of vanilla coming through. A little dryness follows though. Smooth, soft on the palate, with light vanilla flavours creating a velvet texture. Slightly sharp on the finish, albeit short and a little dry.

Ron Mocambo also have within their range an añejo, blanco, aniversario, a 15 and 20yr bottlings as well as an art edition.

Although not seen on many back-bars, it’s a talking point if you ever pick one up for your drinks cabinet, especially the Ron Mocambo 1821 pistol! It’s a great tot on its own, and a surprising experience from a country i never knew produced rum. Give it a go if you ever come across it.

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