Ron Mocambo Tasting Notes

If you say the word Mexico to anyone within the bar trade, they will more than likely think of tequila. Nothing wrong with that as Mexico is famous for it. But there is another category other than tequila and mezcal that is also produced within the country – rum. Ron Mocambo comes from Córdoba, a cityContinue reading “Ron Mocambo Tasting Notes”

Kahlúa Coffee House Tasting

Kahlúa have taken over Manchester. Well, more Market Restaurant on High Street in the Northern Quarter but taken over non the less. Transformed into the Kahlúa colours of red, yellow and black, with bottles lining shelves and menus covering everything from Mexican char grilled chicken to Espresso Martini’s and White Russians, Kahlúa has taken the ever intriguedContinue reading “Kahlúa Coffee House Tasting”

Kahlúa Tasting Notes

Coffee liqueurs seem to be a mainstay for any bar or indeed your own drinks cabinet. Easy enough to digest after a hearty meal, or just to have when the mood captures you, coffee liqueurs can do no wrong. Even when sided with cocktails such as the White Russian (or black if you prefer) orContinue reading “Kahlúa Tasting Notes”