New Laimon Fresh Shakes Up Cocktail Making

Laimon Fresh

With the party season just around the corner, having a stock of drinks in “just in case” becomes essential.

Enter Laimon Fresh the new all natural, delicious lemon, lime and mint flavour carbonated soft drink that thinks it is a Mojito. Available from Tesco, Waitrose’s and Ocado the drink comes in cans and bottles and can be a life saver when friends “pop in” or time is short when last minute entertaining.

With a splash of white rum and some ice, Laimon Fresh turns instantly into an impressive Mojito cocktail that will convince even the most committed mixologist that there is an easier way.

For the more adventurous cocktail maker, Laimon Fresh, bursting with fruity flavour, can also be mixed with a variety of different spirits for quick fix cocktails that are perfect for every occasion. Of course leave out the alcohol and Laimon Fresh is still dressed to impress as a delicious mocktail.

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