Laimon Fresh Tasting Notes

Laimon Fresh

Mixers seem to be the new trend at the end of 2013, and with the new year looking promising, I think it will only get bigger. With names such as Fentimans, Jax Coco and ZEO already featured, and brands such as Glo Worm looking at making a splash in 2014, it’s the turn of the sub-category that is in-between a soft drink and a ready-to-drink that I’ll be focusing on here.

Laimon Fresh is a new sparkling juice drink containing 100% natural ingredients of lemon, lime and mint, launched in the spring of 2013. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, the near components of the classic mojito, which is exactly what the makers have gone for. Designed to be a life saver when friends ‘pop in’ or you’re found hosting last-minute entertainment, the idea is that you add a splash of white rum and some ice and voilà!

Question is, does it work? There’s plenty of brands like this out in the market, but would this stand out? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Laimon Fresh – 0%

A fresh combination of the mint, lemon and lime on the nose, with the mint dominating slightly more. Low carbonation on the palate, with all three flavours coming through in waves. Light, refreshing and a little kick on the back.
Try it with Bacardi Superior. The rum comes through, although doesn’t mask the lemon, mint and lime flavours. Well-balanced yet short.

Not bad, not bad at all. A definite summer thirst, and although it won’t break any barriers, it does the job, which to be fair, makes it a winner. I know some bartenders will not take my word for it, but there are a few that are willing to give Laimon Fresh a go, even combining with a variety of different spirits for a quick fix.

Laimon Fresh has been doing the rounds in London, Plymouth, Barcelona and Madrid, catching the eyes of many retailers and consumers alike. You may have even seen it on TV! I can see Laimon Fresh being the underdog in 2014, now the word is out and it does well to cater for both the soft drinkers and spirit lovers of the world.

Give it a go.

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New Laimon Fresh Shakes Up Cocktail Making

Laimon Fresh

With the party season just around the corner, having a stock of drinks in “just in case” becomes essential.

Enter Laimon Fresh the new all natural, delicious lemon, lime and mint flavour carbonated soft drink that thinks it is a Mojito. Available from Tesco, Waitrose’s and Ocado the drink comes in cans and bottles and can be a life saver when friends “pop in” or time is short when last minute entertaining.

With a splash of white rum and some ice, Laimon Fresh turns instantly into an impressive Mojito cocktail that will convince even the most committed mixologist that there is an easier way.

For the more adventurous cocktail maker, Laimon Fresh, bursting with fruity flavour, can also be mixed with a variety of different spirits for quick fix cocktails that are perfect for every occasion. Of course leave out the alcohol and Laimon Fresh is still dressed to impress as a delicious mocktail.

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