Heering Tasting Notes


A bartenders favourite, and a staple since 1818 in many a classic cocktail such as the Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand, is Heering. You may have seen the bottle on many a back bar, and more than likely had it within at least one cocktail in your life time, but do you know what it is? And more importantly, how much of a staple it has been during the British Empire? Lets take a look.

Its creator, Peter Heering, is a Danish manufacturer of liqueurs, most famous for Heering Cherry. Between the cherry and coffee varieties, the cherry is the more commonly known and is often referred to simply as Peter Heering or Cherry Heering in cocktail recipes. Peter’s cherry liqueur is created by soaking lightly crushed Danish cherries and a blend of spices in neutral grain spirits, then cask-maturing the mixture for three to five years, adding sugar during the ageing process. The coffee expression is a rare blend of Caribbean Rum, dark coffee and cocoa, launched in 2007.

Now owned by the Tilander family, but how do these two fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes on them both –

Heering Cherry – 24%

Plenty of soft cherry on the nose, with a touch of spice coming through. Stewed cherry flavours on the palate creating a syrup texture that’s well-rounded. Slight lingering of fresh cherry on the finish.

Heering Coffee – 35%

Roasted coffee blended with rich chocolate on the nose. Bitter on the palate, with a developing coffee, chocolate and even vanilla creating a strong, long finish.

Great on their own, but as mentioned, some of the world’s classic cocktails have been created using Heering’s products – 

Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling – apparent original recipe from Ngiam Tong Boon of Long Bar within the Raffles Hotel, Singapore circa 1915

Glass – 

Rocks or Singapore Sling

Ingredients – 

15 ml Heering Cherry Liqueur
30 ml gin
120 ml pineapple juice
15 ml lime juice
7,5 ml Cointreau
7,5 ml Dom Benedictine
10 ml Grenadine
1 dash of Angostura bitters

Method – 

Shake all ingredients and pour into an ice filled rocks or sling glass. Garnish with fresh pine-apple and a fresh cherry.

or maybe

Heering White Russian

Glass – 


Ingredients – 

20 ml Heering Coffee Liqueur
20 ml Vodka
80 ml Milk

Method – 

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake. Pour into an ice filled rocks glass.

A staple for any drinks cabinet or night out, especially if you’re a fan of your classic cocktails. Or if you’re like me, enjoyed over ice. Let me know what you think, and see if you’re the same as everyone over its near 200 year existence.

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